In ancient times, in an ocean. Live two beasts who are equally arrogant and do not want to lose. Both animals are a Shark and a Crocodile. They often clashed and fought over food. Because both are equally strong, vicious and equally ingenious.

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The fighting telah mengambil a very lonew york time. After fightingai many timtape and still can not beat each other, the Shark and Crocodile Shark juga entered into an agreement. Because, both animals are already bored and tired if you have to fight. Finally, the two agreed to enter into an agreemenpen on the division of areas of power. With the agreement. The two animals tidak pernah fight again. Because, both have agreed to reconcile, and respect each other"s respective domains. However, the lapse of some time is already quite long.


The fish that fall prey to the Shark of Sura is exhausted in the sea of ​​his power. Finally, he was hidingi in search of his prey at the mouth of the river so as not in the know by Crocodile. However, eventually Crocodile know that the shark Sura has violated the agreement. Because of Sura Hiu violation agreement. Finally, resulted in a very fierce battle between the two animals.

they bite each other, pounce and beat. Crocodile gets bite Sura at the tail end to the right, so the tail is always bent to the left. Ketika Sura bit her tail until alpaling broken. Because, already equally badly injured. Both stopped the fight. Sura sharks relented and returned to milik mereka territory. The crocodile who endured the pain felt victorious for defendingai his domain. After kemudian a fierce fight.

both animals dulu badly injured and eventually both died. The fight between the Sharks named Sura with Crocodile is very memorable in the hearts of the people of Surabaya. But there is juga a sayingai surabamemiliki comes from the word sura and baya.Sura meapagi jamemiliki bamemiliki meapejarakan survived so surabamemiliki meapagi safe in the face of danger Therefore, the name of Surabamemiliki is always associated with this event. From this event is kemudian made the symbol of Surabamiliki City madya that is picture of sura fish and crocodile.

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