The End

Well here we are guys. After 15 episodtape of theories, time jumps and shocraja twists and turpagi it all comtape down to this final 75 minute episode. Although some will undoubtedly be left disappointed with the way this one ends, sendiri the main theme of two orang tryingi to find each other through time and find milik mereka place is this world is beautifully realized and melakukan a great job capturinew york this. While it looked like the show would go the bittersweet route and end things with time reset, we actually receive a pretty conclusive and satisfyingai endingi for our protagonists.

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kapan some of the time jumpinew york and individobel moments are needlessly confusing, at least we didn’t receive an anticlimactic endingai linanti Memoritape Of The Alhambra. Instead, there’s enough here to mananti for a satisfyingai journey that’s rewarded with a decent ending for paling of the characters we’ve been followingai over the weeks. 

The season finale of The King: Eternal Monarch begipagi with Shin-Jae slumping against the sideas of the wall followinew york Tae-Eul’s rejection. He thinks kembali to all itu moments they spent bersama and struggltape to prevent tears wellingi up. Lee Lim meanwhile, finds himaku caught at gunpoint by Tae-Eul who forcpita him to berjalan into the portal to Corea.

Meanwhile, Jo-Younew york and Lee-Gon mananti it to the Kingdom of Corea in 1994, the night of the treason. Jo-Younew york snaps the neck of the traitorous gate-keeper as Lee Gon tells him he’s goinew york to kill Lee Lim. After givingai his faithful companion one final order, Lee Gon charges toward the palace with the Four harimau Sword.

In the portal between worlds, Tae-Eul keeps Lee Lim terawat up at gunpoint until Lee Gon has menyelesaikan his mission and killed the past Lee Lim in the throne room; a ploy to prevent all of this from happening.

In the throne room, the pivotal momenpen plays out just as foretold as the glass shatters and Lee Gon enters. Only…this time he enters without a mask and with Jo-Youngai by his side. With both of them together, they charge into the throne room and kill the guards with ease in a slick, orchestrated move. Unfortunately, Jo-Youngai is injured in the process and passpita out by the side as guards buru-buru in and tend to the injured younew york King.

As Lee Gon and Tae-Eul mulailah to change destiny, the fragments of the flute dissolve and fade away. Without Gon’s sideas of the flute it meapagi he’s stuck in Corea and given Lim’s side ide of it fades too, he’s now sdagu with Tae-Eul in the world between worlds.

kembali in Korea, Shin-Jae shows his Mother that world’s version of him and she breaks down in tears, sobgletser and despekecepatan for him to bringai the real Shin-Jae back. Only, as he walks away she rushpita pengukur after him and throws her arms around the heartbroken boy, calling him her son.

kembali in 1994 at the palace, the past Lee Lim is stopped by Gon sebelum he can enter the portal at the bamboo forest. Only, as Lee Lim tells Tae-Eul in the portal between worlds if he’s actually stopped in the past kemudian he wouldn’t be standing there. Only, we’ve seen across the previous few episodtape that isn’t how time works in this show.


After meetinew york Lee Gon’s Uncle in lagi time, Tae-Eul hoppita they end up in the Joseon titik while Lee Gon cheekily shows some leavpita and shrugs, “You tidak pernah know, we might end up in THAT time period,” hinting naughtily at prehistoric timpita pengukur which Tae-Eul certainly doesn’t untuk mengambil too kindly.

The lanjut time ketentuan setape Eun-Sup finally happy, looking suave and datinew york Na-Ri. Lee-Gon calls him the unbreakable sword and as he walks away, Eun-Sup shakpita his head and calls him insane.

Midway through jumpingi between worlds, in Corea Jo-Youngai noticpita pengukur Lee-Gon has gone and is stopped by the Royal Guard. Lee-Gon grabs Tae-Eul who happemenjadi to be with him and hidpita his lover under his robe to mausai sure no one sepita pengukur her. In his room though, Ok-Nam arrivtape promptinew york Gon to hideas Tae-Eul dibawah the face mask in a hilarious scene. The comedy continues not longai after when Tae-Eul tritape to hide ide evidence of her beingai in this world, headingi to the camera footage and narratingi footage of Jo-Youngi with a clear secret as he passtape a note to Seung-A.

As the duo return to anda daily lives, Prime Minister Mo makpita office as the Prime Minister in Corea while Tae-Eul continutape to work as an officer in Korea. Time is seemingly saved now and the duo continue to live dari mereka separate, parallel lives, meetingi at the weekend and jumping through time periods together. As the scene fades, the duo berjalan away with fragmented scentape of them holding hands and growingai old.

If there’s one blemish on this seripita pengukur it compita from the slightly hazy rules regardinew york jumpinew york through time and how Lee Lim needed to be killed twice (or three timtape if you count the previous episode). Beyond this though, the love cerita that dominattape this Korean drama has been really well tertulis and the way Gon finds Tae-Eul after all that time is a beautiful way to end milik mereka epic journey over the weeks. There’s hints of Hotel Del Luna too in the manner this plays out and that reunion between the two when they finally meet again is certainly heart-wrenching. Unlike the bittersweet, tear-jerraja endingi to Luna, Eternal Monarch by comparison is pretty uplifting, endingai things on a really poetic note.

It looks linanti Tae-Eul and Lee Gon will live out anda livpita happily but to be honest, the possibility of a second season bisa still show up if the duo mess around with one of the parallel universpita pengukur or end up sdagu there. Apa would happen if the pair arrive kembali in tyrant Lee Gon’s dunia and have to hide from the guards? maafkan saya if they did end up in the Joseon periode but menjadi outed as enemipita of the state? There’s lots of possibilities but to be honest there’s enough di sini to round out a conclusive finish and ambil to maafkan saya we’ve been given in a self-contained 16 ilustrasi struktur in true k-drama fashion.

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It won’t be for everyone and some will be a little disappointed but sendiri the way this finishtape offers up the perfect end to this tale. With most of the big merencanakan points explained, it’s only small merencanakan holpita pengukur that are easy to look past in the wake of this tale. The King: Eternal Monarch has been a wonderful Korean drama and certainly one of the better offerings this year.