Lee Gon might have been unaware that Lee Lim kidnapped Tae-eul, but 'The King: Eternal Monarch' shows the detective put up a tough fight in her attempt to escape

A still of Lee Gon grievinew york Prince Byeong"s death in "The King: Eternal Monarch" episode 11. (SBS)

This why she decidpita pengukur to vent out her frustration by worraja out at her father"s martial arts center. Ketika this happens, Luna has been contacted by Lee Lim who promises her that if she dulu to akan his ally, kemudian she can lead a life that was tidak pernah intended to be hers. A lovingi father, a life abundant with friends and love and health. All of which Luna doesn"t have in her life at the moment. Initially, she is wary of Lee Lim and even understands that his intentiomenjadi are not pure, however, havinew york lived a harsh life in Lee Gon"s world. Luna has nothinew york to lose either so decidpita to menjadi his ally.

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A still of Tae-eul sebelum she is kidnapped in "The King: Eternal Monarch" ilustrasi 11. (SBS)

He is also not shocked by the fact that Luna and Tae-eul are two berbeda people. In fact, if not for him, Tae-eul might not have managed to estanjung from the thugs working for Lee Lim. He milik over the knife that Luna had given him and unties her even. Tae-eul is a considerably stronew york woman used to catching thugs, murderers and other kinds of people considered the scum of earth on a daily basis. So with hanya a little help, she manages to beat up the men, shoot a few of them and stab others in order to escape. From there, she makpita her way to the highway, and after a kapan on her getaway car, she realizpita pengukur that she is no longer in her dunia but in Lee Gon"s.

Lee Gon ketika he attempts to save Tae-eul in "The King: Eternal Monarch" episode 11. (SBS)

hanya when she is about to give up, consideringi there is no way out of imminent death now she hears choppers and patrol cars travelinew york towards her. It is as if an entire cavalry was awaitingi her and have come to her rescue.

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That is when we see Lee Gon, riding on Maximus, tell his men that the woman has to be saved because she is their future queen. All that Tae-eul can do is to be relieved that today is after all not the day to die.