The Heirs is juga known as The Inheritors, is the paling popgaris South Korean romantic drama placed upon the backdrop of an ke hulu high school. The Hiers was tertulis by Kim Eun soon. The first ilustrasi of the Heirs telecasted in SBS on October 9th, 2013. The Heirs is the paling popgaris Korean hit show across Asia. Now the fapejarakan are desiringi to continue the show with The Heirs Season 2.

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The South Korea dlama become more accessible from the time air for the teenager to mid-twenties. The show was so select after these many years to setiap orang who dulu watchingai it for new. In Facebook, the fapagi created a halaman for demandingi for lagi season.

Cast :

Boys over flowers fame star Lee Min-ho as Kim Tan, the heir of Jeguk group. He was his dad’s mistress son so, he can not become the heir to the immense family wealth. Comaaf into his character is quick-tempered, and unpredictable, but inside ide he is kind-hearted and gentle.

Memorie of Alhambra fame star Park Shin-Hye as Cha Eun-sang. She is a very understandable and practical girl from a modekecepatan family. She helps her mother by doingai part-time jobs, and the family residpita in Kim Tan estate. Where her mother works as a housekeeper. With the tolong of a welfare scholarship, she stumati in Jeguk High school.

The supportingai actors are :

Choi Young-do is a rich heir to the Zeus Hotel Group. He was first Kim Tan’s best friend.Kangi Min-hyuk as Yoon Chan-youngKang Ha-neul as Lee Hyo-shinKrystal Junew york as Lee Bo-naPark Hyung-sik as Jo Myung-sooJeon Soo-jin as Kanew york Ye-solChoi Tae-hwan as Lee Sang-wooYang Seung-pil as Hyo-joonCho Yoon-woo as bulan Joon-young.

The Heirs Season 2 Confirmed??

The Heirs Season 1 premiered in the tahun 2013, October 9th. The season one concluded with the 20th episode. By the immense popularity of the show, the dlama released across 13 countries around the world.

Accordingai to the current rumors, The Heirs season 2 will happen for sure. The leadinew york bintang linanti Lee Min-ho and Park Shin-Hye are will be for season 2 also. The famenjadi are so eagerly awaitingi the couple chemistry for once again.

The Heirs

According to references, Lee Min Ho has thrown a hint that he would return to the entertainmenpen after he finishpita his militer enlistmenpen serkejahatan is over. He said that would be part of a “secret big project.” since his military serkejahatan ended in 2019 and if by the secret project, he utters ‘The Heirs,’ we may have a ‘The Heirs’ season 2 by 2020.

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But the production paused by to coronajawaban bi-side pandemic the melepaskan of the heirs would be late. By now, nothingai is official, and We have to wait for the resmi confirmation as soon as we know the information we update it.