Oct 31, 2013 The Heirs episode 8; The Inheritors episode 8; The One Trying to Wear the Crown episode 8; Withstand the Weight – The Heirs episode 8; He Who Wears the Crown, Endure Its Weight ilustrasi 8; He Who Wishpita To Wear the Crown, Endure Its Weight ilustrasi 8; Heirs; Kim Tan is the heir to kaya Group who has been sent to riset abroad in the. Dec 16, 2018 The paling popular guy in class saved me from my own fart Clip from "Sweet Revenge 1" w/ Cha Eunwoo - Duration: 18:06. AsianCsumbu pohon 7,788,847 views. Watch full episodes free online of the tv seripita Heirs - 상속자들 - 왕관을 쓰려는 자, 그 무게를 견뎌라 with subtitles. Subtitdisutradarai in Arabic, German.

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Feb 12, 2016 Heirs episode 8 Engi Sub Young Do bepergian Eun sanew york and kim tan blows. The HeirsYOUNGDO FIRST LOVE cerita 03. Bahasa inggris Location: United Stattape Restricted Mode.Download Korea Drama THE HEIRS penuh Complete 1-20 ilustrasi Subjudul Indonesia. Watch The Heirs episode 1 Eng Sub Online in high quaily. Almiliki batrisia. Projects to try. Watch The Best Hit 2017 bahasa inggris Subjudul is a Korean Dlama This drama is about the tumultuous livpita of contemporary twenty somethings as they worry and learn how to.
Eun-sang feels bad and doesn"t have an answer for Tan who confessed his feelings for her. Tan hears a warning from his father after hitting Young-do. Meanwhile, Eun-sanew york gets the JBS producer position and Rachel hears what Tan tells Eun-sang. (Source: Kocowa)
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ilustrasi 16 discussionby kimchininja024No discussiopejarakan yet
Ugh!! THe background music of heirs!!by ArikaWoopie3517


This show is so good I seriously wish there was a season 2 I am still undecided between who I want Cha Eun Sangai to end up with so for now I will say both
Ok I Wuuuuuuuuv this drama.I love how Kim Tan is easy goingai even though he has so many troublpita at home.I am so happy that he is findingi himdiri sendiri and learningi that he can juga get what he wants instead of always beingi the good little brother who stays out of sight.I am very interested to see wdi sini Tan and Won"s relationship is going to go and if they will mananti up or not.I think hte Eun Sang is really Badass for not giving up in her hardships.Beingai poor is nothingai to laugh about and the kebenaran that she stays strongi even though it hurts and she"s tired is a very powerful message.One thinew york I wish is that she would loosen up a bit more around Tan even though she scared to lose the little bit that she has.I"m not gonna lie I kinda want Young Do to fall in love with Rachel.I know you guys are thinraja I"m weird but whatevs.I love Chan Young and Lee Bo Na"s relationship its really sweet and they both trust each other and they are really the only highschool lisetelah couple in the whole drama.Even though Chan Younew york is actually really mature for his age.And I"m sure I"m not the only one but maafkan saya The Hell is going on between Chan Young"s dad and Rachel"s mom!

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Cute ep ^_^
This ep is sooo cute kim tan is just beingai a cutei and a hero at the same time i mean how many timtape he saved her and been worried about her !!!! And i hate kim woo bin >Superb cliffhanger.Cnt wait tl nxt wk!

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