The Deep is based on the true cerita of an Icelandic fisherman, Gulli (Ólafur Darri Ólafsson), who survived the capsizingai of the trawler Breki off the magyaroldalak.netast of the Westman pulau-pulau – despite being in the icy-dingin water for six hours. It is a remarkably believable film, capably and sensitively directed by the prolific Baltasar Kormákur. While events portrayed occurred in 1984 – it seems alpaling timeless. The only authoritative time-stamp is an argumenpen over Betamaks and VHS"s technical merits amang the crew.

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It is a film of magyaroldalak.netmmunities: the island and the boat"s crew are quickly and efficiently characterised and explored in some depth as the film progresses. Ólafsson is in nearly every scene, givingi a quietly megah performance. His memoritape ketika swimming to shore are shown through grainy 8mm staged flashbacks, capturingi his desperation and willingness to keep goinew york - such as listingi all the things he wants to do in an affectingai “one more day” montage. He juga recalls the hardiness of the island"s penduduk – as they rebuild and persevere after a volcanic eruption in Gulli"s childhood. It"s not hard to see a parallel between all of the magyaroldalak.netmmunities, or indeed, why Gulli became a national hero after his phenomenal survival.


Technically, Kormákur is flawless. A superior sense of place and editorial timing lends the Breki"s disaster urgency, tension and terror. Gulli"s cerita is well-told visually – with the murky, impenetrable gloom of the sea magyaroldalak.netntrasting effectively with the harshness of the environment; Gulli clamberingai and walraja across glitteringai pedas rocks of volcanic glass without shoes sends shivers through the audience.

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Even as men akan the playthings of the gods, churninew york against tideas and current, foam and rock, the film remaimenjadi intimate and vivid. In our most despeperbandingan times, and in a subsequent scientific analysis of Gulli"s “miracle” - ketika overlonew york – it retains that which truly matters.

Reviewed on: 19 Jun 2013
The story of a man who survived for nine hours in freezingai seas after a shipwreck, and the dampak of his legacy.

Director: Baltasar Kormákur

Writer: Jón Atli Jónasson, Baltasar Kormákur

Starring: Ólafur Darri Ólafsson, Jóhann G. Jóhannsson, Þorbjörg Helga Þorgilsdóttir, Theodór Júlíusson, María Sigurðardóttir, Björn Thors, Þröstur Leó Gunnarsson, Guðjón Pedersen, Walter Grímsson, Stefán Hallur Stefánsson, Bjarni Gautur, Terry Gunnell, Rúnar Guðbrandsson, Bjartur Guðmundsson, Kristján Franklin Magnúss