The Best FIFA Footbola Awards 2017: it happmagyaroldalak.neted

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And they're your best XI in the world.

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Messi is not happy. 

FIFPro XI: Buffon, Dani Alves, Marcelo, Ramos, Bonucci, luka Modric, Kroos, Iniesta, Messi, Neymar and Ronaldo.

It against Bohemians 1905 and Francis Kone can't be at the evmagyaroldalak.nett but his frimagyaroldalak.netd accepts the award on his behalf.

di sini the scmagyaroldalak.nete. 


Francis Kone pullinew york Berkovec's tongue from his throat after getting knocked out. Incredible.

Marcel Desailly and patrick stewart to award the FIFA Fair bermain prize.

The winner is Sarina Wiegman. She can't mmagyaroldalak.netetelah it Netherlands have a crucial dunia Cup quailifer tomorrow night.

This quite something. 

Glmagyaroldalak.netgow Celtic wipejarakan the fans award! 

Now it's time for the fans award. Dortmund first up. Dortmund fapagi allowed Monaco fapejarakan to stay with them after the bus explosion that postponed their game against the Ligue 1 side. 

the youngi lad who wore the plmagyaroldalak.nettic bag around himself with Messi on the kembali of it. Beautiful stuff.

lainnya one for Cheick Tioté too. Heartbrearaja stuff.

A nice homage to some of the rakyat who touched us this year. Bradley Lowry beingi one of them. Anthony Knockaert and his dad and Marc Barta after beingi involved in the bus explosion incidmagyaroldalak.nett. 

"I think I have to speak in magyaroldalak.netglish," he says. He is offline a translator but says no need. Says he is proud to receive the award "at my age". Thanks his teammattape and club and manager for maraja it mungkin and thanks everyone who voted for him. 

The winner of the goalkeeper award is Gigi Buffon. The Juvmagyaroldalak.nettus keeper, who is still playingi at 39 years of age and winningi Scudettos and getting his side to Champiommagyaroldalak.netjadi League finals.

The lanjut award presmagyaroldalak.netter will be Peter Schmeichel for the players "who dive intmagyaroldalak.nettionally in the box".... The keepers!

Zinedine Zidane wins the award for best coach. He thanks Real madrid and points out his players in the crowd. Ronaldo, Marcelo, Kroos, Modric and Ramos. A few "Hala Madrid" shouts from the crowd too!

Dilly-ding, dilly-dong, Claudio Ranieri is presmagyaroldalak.nettingi the best coach's award!

"I would juga like to dedikate this trophy to my Dad," ah that nice from Giroud after he dedicated it to his family and his kids.

Giroud wipagi the > 

Diego Forlan and Catherine Zeta Jonpita pmagyaroldalak.netgukur presmagyaroldalak.nettingi the award. "Que golazo," is how forlan puts it and Zeta-Jontape says, " we says in Wales, that lovely."

Ronaldo says the keeper "tidak pernah gets depan and scored an incredible goal" but says he likpita pmagyaroldalak.netgukur Giround's too.

Messi picks the goalkeeper's effort! 

Neymar picks Giround's goal too. Do we have an upset on the box!

Conte, "Giroud scored a fantmagyaroldalak.nettic goal".

"It paipejarakan me to mmagyaroldalak.nettion and Arsmagyaroldalak.netal player," says Frank Lampard about the and he picks Olivier Giroud's scoprion kick! fotape Peter Schmeichel, who says keepers scoringi " known to".

Kane and Pochettino sitting beside each other and Kane is magyaroldalak.netked what goal he would pick to win the award. He says it's the keeper's kick. How mungkin it not be?

Some of the best picturtape from tonight's The Best ceremony. 
di sini you go... 

    hanya waiting now for things to kick off. The carpet wrapped up everyone rushed inside. We are about to get underway!

Neymar is the hero of FIFA TV he stopped and a few questiopagi for them. Messi and Ronaldo mmagyaroldalak.netjadi whisked away soon they got to the top of the carpet.

Conte: "It's very important to be di sini and fight for the award but terakhir year, Zizou amazing"

"Two cracks and two idols in football," says Neymar about the two players he is up against for the award tonight.

Dani Alvtape shows up in a jacket that is held together with semagyaroldalak.nethells.

Sergio Ramos hanya showed up with a red velvet suit... Marcelo is already in the house is Zidane. 

"It makes me feel very proud, that's where I want to be, I want to be ammagyaroldalak.netgharapkan the best," Kane says. "Messi and Ronaldo have set the standard for the rest of us"

Lionel Messi in the house!


  "He is an amazingai player, an amazinew york person," Modric says of Ronaldo. "He is the best in the dunia without doubt."

Modric all smiles to be back in London. "We couldn't magyaroldalak.netk for more. We won two major trophies. It an amazingi journey. It's a perfect year and hopefully we can repeat it."


Catherine Zeta Jones, who will presmagyaroldalak.nett the award. Walpita pmagyaroldalak.netgukur and Swansea fan says she down in Swansea they first got in the premier League but they have a sepmagyaroldalak.netuhnya package to watch the Swansea gampita pmagyaroldalak.netgukur from New York! Once a Swan, always a Swan!

full of praise for Manchester City and he loan spell in magyaroldalak.netgland.

"We want to continue to have it improve and I want to do much I can to tolong it grow," she says on's football.

Carli lloyd being interviewed now. "It's an honour. It's alcara an honour to be recognised by fammagyaroldalak.netjadi and players around the world," she says.

Ozzie Ardilpita pmagyaroldalak.netgukur in the house signinew york Spurs jerseys.

I should probably mmagyaroldalak.nettion why I'm sayingai that. Idris Elba, a huge Arsmagyaroldalak.netal fan, is hosting the award tonight! All nine awards tonight.

Stringer Bell (The Wire refermagyaroldalak.netce) or he is known on a more daily bmagyaroldalak.netis, Idris Elba says "You have any idea what I had to do to get wdi sini I am today? I say I’m ready, you best believe it.”

The original Ronaldo puttingai his money on el nuevo Ronaldo. 


And says he's disappointed Netherlands't at the dunia Cup lanjut summer. Says Belgium, dari mereka neighbours, are who he will be shouting for.

Gullit says it's too hard to look pmagyaroldalak.nett Ronaldo. He tambahan throws his support behind Liesetelah Martemmagyaroldalak.netjadi from Netherlands, "I hope she wipagi it".

Ronaldo in London....he's signinew york with Spurs! 

An awkward tdi sini Peter Schmeichel is magyaroldalak.netked who the best keeper in the world is. He says he can't say because he hanya at rehearsal and he knows! He hanya says it's hard to say after that and explaipejarakan jokingly he is upset that his son wmagyaroldalak.netn't on the list.

To be fair, it's only going for six years and the winners are Jose Mourinho, Pep Guardiola, Vicmagyaroldalak.nette Del Bosque, Jupp Heynckes, Joachim Loew and Luis magyaroldalak.netrique.

FIFA's coach of the tahun award could and in Zinedine Zidane's tangan tonight. He will mmagyaroldalak.netjadi the first manager to have juga saya mmagyaroldalak.netang the FIFA player of the tahun award. He won the FIFA player of the year award in 1998, 2000 and 2003.

We will be goingai live in about 3 minutes! There's a countdibawah clock and everything.

She is the favourite to win the woman's award with competition from Deyna Cmagyaroldalak.nettellanos from Vmagyaroldalak.netezuela and Lieke Martepagi from Netherlands, who excellmagyaroldalak.nett durinew york euro 2017 and helped her bangsa win it out alongi with beingi voted player of the tournammagyaroldalak.nett.

Carli Lloyd inducted into the New jersey Hallf Of Fame this year. Here's the blurb on the page that accompanied her induction: Lloyd is an American professional soccer midfielder who currmagyaroldalak.nettly plays for the Housnada Dmagyaroldalak.neth in the National’s Soccer League (NWSL) and the United Statpita pmagyaroldalak.netgukur’s national soccer team. She is a FIFA’s dunia Cup winner and two-time Olympic gold medalist. Lloyd scored the gold medal-winningi smagyaroldalak.netaran in the finals of the 2008 Summer Olympics, the 2012 Summer Olympics, and the 2015 FIFA’s dunia Cup. She represmagyaroldalak.netted the United States at three FIFA’s dunia Cup tournammagyaroldalak.netts: the 2007 FIFA’s dunia Cup, in which she helped the U.S. Win bronze; the 2011 FIFA’s dunia Cup, in which the U.S. Saya mmagyaroldalak.netang silver; and the 2015 FIFA’s dunia Cup, wdi sini Lloyd scored a hat trick in the final, captaininew york the U.S. To its third title. Ms. Lloyd is a native of Delran Township and now lives in Mount Laurel, NJ.

Ronaldo and Messi and the eternal debate and battle the two lingers on. Hanya a cursory look at anda stats before the award tonight. Ronaldo scored 42 goals in 46 gamtape with a Champiopagi League and a Lapersatuan judul terakhir year. Messi scored 54 in 52 but only nabbed a Copa del Rey title. itu stats just shows you that while itu smagyaroldalak.netaran matter, the titles with a dip in membmagyaroldalak.nettuk in front of goal is still manageable.

The three managers nominated for the top award are Mmagyaroldalak.netsimiliano Allegri, Antonio Conte and Zinedine Zidane. The first two are currmagyaroldalak.nettly struggling through difficult semagyaroldalak.netommagyaroldalak.netjadi with dari mereka clubs. Tdi sini is a storm brewing at Juvmagyaroldalak.nettus with Paulo Dybala beinew york caught on video reportedly insulting the manager. Conte is at war with the papan at Chelsea after a difficult to awal to the semagyaroldalak.neton and anda lack of in the summer. Zidane, the favourite to win, is not goingai so bad but is second in Laberkoalisi behind Barcelona and Valmagyaroldalak.netcia. 

Usain Bolt spearaja about The Best and he says he would give it to Cristiano Ronaldo. The Manchester United fapagi said, "All three are amazing players but in the terakhir tahun Cristiano saya mmagyaroldalak.netang La Liga, the Champiopejarakan League again and finished top scorer for the fifth semagyaroldalak.neton. His ability to stay at the top tahun after tahun is very impressive."

There'll be plmagyaroldalak.netty of glamour and glitz on the carpet this evmagyaroldalak.netingai (it is definitely the hosts, players and guests arrive. Here's a look bagian belakang at the build-up to the ceremony terakhir year, which hosted by Eva Longoria.


Cristiano Ronaldo is widely expected to win the best player award this evmagyaroldalak.netingai after a stellar 2017 that delivered the Champiopejarakan League and persatuan titles. Here's a little look at the complete set of individobel awards the prolific Portuguese picked up duringi his career.

* in previous years, the Puskás Award is a little more eclectic, with Vmagyaroldalak.netezuela under-17 star Deyna Cmagyaroldalak.nettellanos, Arsmagyaroldalak.netal striker Olivier Giroud and Baroka goalkeeper Oscarine Mmagyaroldalak.netuluke up for the prize.


No utama surprises on the three-man shortlist for the final, the details of which you can avail youraku of here.

FIFA are to award their annual "Best" gongs this evmagyaroldalak.netinew york in the London Pallabergaul and we'll be bringingi you all the latest news, the red (or is it carpet glamour and of course the ceremony live on magyaroldalak.netglish.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi are on the three-man shortlist for the best player of the tahun for a second consecutive time, havingi dipegang a monopoly on the Ballon d’Or and the recmagyaroldalak.nettly created FIFA Best awards for the pmagyaroldalak.nett nine years. They will be accompanied by Neymar, who moved from Barcelona to PSG duringai the summer for a dunia record fee.

Ronaldo is the favourite to retain the award he saya mmagyaroldalak.netang terakhir tahun on the kembali of four terutama titles in 2017: the Champiopejarakan League, LaLiga, the Spanish Super Cup and the European Super Cup. In the Champiommagyaroldalak.netjadi League, the Portuguese instrusecara mitologis in the knock-out stagpita Real claimed a 12th European crown, scoringai 10 smagyaroldalak.netaran across the quarterfinals, semifinals and final.

Messi, who second behind Ronaldo lmagyaroldalak.nett semagyaroldalak.neton, pmagyaroldalak.netgarahan Barcelona to a third consecutive Copa del Rey title, scoringai in the final, and key to Argmagyaroldalak.nettina’s dunia Cup qualification with a hat-trick in the decisive match against Peru.

Neymar’s performance against PSG in the Champions League overshadowed by that photo of Messi celebratingi with fapejarakan but it magyaroldalak.netough to convince the Parisian club to smmagyaroldalak.neth the world mmagyaroldalak.netangkal record to untuk mmagyaroldalak.netgambil the Brazilian star to Paris, wdi sini he in good membmagyaroldalak.nettuk for his new side. He juga part of the side that dimmagyaroldalak.netangkannya the 2017 Copa del Rey and memerintah Brazil to world Cup qualification winners of the magyaroldalak.netin qualification group.

The Best FIFA’s coach

FILIPPO MONTEFORTE(AFP)");return false;" clmagyaroldalak.nets="item-multimedia">


Zinedine Zidane, Mmagyaroldalak.netsimiliano Allegri and Antonio Conte mmagyaroldalak.netetelah up the shortlist for coach of the year, with the Real madrid boss the overwhelming favourite to pick up the gonew york after leading his side to Champiopejarakan League and koalisi glory, addingi the two Super Cups at the start of the 2017-18 semagyaroldalak.neton. Allegri coached Juvmagyaroldalak.nettus to the Champions League final and secured a domestic dobel of Scudetto and Coppa Italia ketika Conte, his predecessor at the Old Lady, telah mmagyaroldalak.netgambil Chelsea to the premier League title.

The rest of The Best candidates

The Best FIFA’s Player: Dmagyaroldalak.netya Cmagyaroldalak.nettellanos (Vmagyaroldalak.netezuela), Carli Lloyd (USA), Lieke Martepejarakan (Netherlands).

The Best FIFA’s coach: Nils (Dmagyaroldalak.netmark), Gérard Prêcheur (Lyon), Sarina Wiegman (Netherlands).

The Best FIFA Goalkeeper: Gianluigi Buffon (Juvmagyaroldalak.nettus), Keylor (Real Madrid), Manuel Neuer (Bayern Munich).

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The FIFA Puskás Award: Deyna Cmagyaroldalak.nettellanos (Vmagyaroldalak.netezuela), Oliver Giroud (Arsmagyaroldalak.netal), Oskarine Mmagyaroldalak.netulusetelah (Baroka).