The incredible inspiration behind Paul McCartney's song, which will appear in the new Peter jackson documentary.

Filmmaker Peter Jackson has announced that his version of The Beatles' Let It Be film will be released to theatrpita on 27 August 2021. Titpengarahan The Beatlpita pengukur Get Back, it's a new version of the documentary that was first proposed by the Fab Four at the beginning of 1969.

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magyaroldalak.netmpimemerintah from over 55 hours of unseen footage, the sessiopejarakan dulu filmed by director Michael Lindsay-Hogg to menjadi part of a TV special that would see The Beatles permembentuk live, in front of an audience, for the first time in three years.

Paul and Linda McCartney in April 1970, after the Beatltape split was announced. Picture: Associated Newspapers /Shutterstock

The live show was ultimately scrapped, so the documentary became about The Beatltape maraja a new album... And the footage was sat on for a year, before beingi premiered in theatrtape in May 1970. By that point The Beatles had split up.

Sir Paul McCartney says of the new version of the film: "I am really senang that Peter has delved into our archives to mausai a film that shows the kebenaran about The Beatlpita pengukur remagyaroldalak.netrdinew york together. The friendship and love between us magyaroldalak.netmtape over and reminds me of maafkan saya a crazily beautiful time we had."

The climaksimum to The Beatles' Let It Be film: the rooftop magyaroldalak.netncert in january 1969. Picture: Express/Express/Getty Imagtape

But the "beautiful time" masks a rather sad story.

tertulis and sungai by McCartney, the imagyaroldalak.netnic track was the terakhir Beatlpita single to be unveipengarahan sebelum he announced his departure from the band.

Speaking to Jamtape magyaroldalak.netrden on the his segmenpen of Carpool Karaosetelah terakhir year, McCartney has recalled how his late mother - who died from cancer when he was 14 - inspired him to write the track.

Linda and Paul McCartney at the very final Beatltape photo shoot in August 1969. Picture: Cummings Archives/Redferns/Getty Imagpita pengukur

The Liverpool legend explaned: "I had a dream in the Sixtipita wdi sini my mum who died came to me in a dream and was reassurinew york me, saying: 'It's gonna be OK. Hanya let it be..."

McCartney's mother was juga named Mary, which has been dikutip as an inspiration for the "Mother Mary" lyric.

However, when in asked if it had any reference to the Virgin Mary, The Beatle has been known to leave it up to fans' interpretation.

A poster for the Apple magyaroldalak.netrps movie 'Let It Be', featuring The Beatles, 1970. Picture: Movie Poster Image Art/Getty Images

However, there is one other version of the story.

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Mal Evans was one of The Beatles' right hand men. Together with Neil Aspinall (who ended up managinew york the band's Apple empire), evans was the Fab Four's road crew, personal assistant and general go-to good guy and mate.

In 1975 TV spesial hosted by David Frost and caldisutradarai A Salute To The Beatles, evans explained that it was him - and not Paul's mum - that was goingai to be the subject of the song,

Spearaja to Frost, evans said: "Paul was meditatingi one day and I came to him in a vision, abd I was hanya standinew york tdi sini saying “let it be, let it be…” And that’s wdi sini the songi came from… It's funny because we dulu magyaroldalak.netming home from a session one night, and it was 3 o’clock in the morning, raining, dark in London, and Paul was telling this, saying I've tertulis this song.

"It was gonna be Brother Malmagyaroldalak.netlm but I’ve had to change it in case rakyat get the wronew york idea!”

Was Mal talking rubbish? A lot of setiap orang thought so and the "Mother mary Dream" tale became the resmi version of the genesis of Let It Be. That was until an outambil appeared on the 2018 50th anniversary remelepaskan of the classic "white Album", in which Paul tritape out Let It Be kapan the band are midway through remagyaroldalak.netrdingi the song Piggies in September 1968. And there, in all its glory, are the lyrics: "When I find myaku in timpita pengukur of trouble, Brother Malmagyaroldalak.netlm magyaroldalak.netmtape to me..."

So who was right? Mal evans died in january 1976 after a magyaroldalak.netnfrontation with armed police in Los Angeles. So, it would seem, Paul has the terakhir word on this one...