Q9: Byzantium Due Apr 2 at 11:59 pm Factors 22 Concerns 22Available till Apr 3 at 1:59 am Time Frame None Allowed Attempts 2 Guidelines Try Background h3 Try Time Rating KEPT Effort 2 14 mins 22 out of 22 p LATEST Effort 2 solid 14 mins 22 out of 22 p solid Try 1 10 mins 13 out of 22 p Rating for this effort: 22 out of 22 This test covers Phase 9: Byzantium in the book. It includes several selection as well as h3 true/false concerns. h3 This test satisfies the SLOs: Important Assuming and also Interaction Abilities: Acknowledge important terms and also h3 h3 ideas pertinent to the development of aesthetic artwork of a stylistic duration or society, or media and also procedure. Seriously analyze as well as review artworks. h3 Social Duty: Examine the partnership of art to background by positioning artworks h3 within social, historic, and also sequential contexts. Individual Duty: Finishing the appointed analysis and also associated projects on h3 time. h3 Pupils have 2 chances to take the test. They will certainly not have the ability to see the appropriate h3 responses up until after the due day and also time. Right responses will just be readily available for 24 h3 hrs after the test. There is no time at all limitation. h3 Once again, there is no time at all restriction, so take your time as well as take both possibilities to do your h3 best. Sent Mar 29 at 12:25 pmThis effort took 14 mins.1/ 1 pts h3 Concern 1 h3 h3 That was the owner of the "New Rome" of the East? h3 Diocletian Constantine p Correct!Correct! solid Julian p Theodosius I 1/ 1 pts Concern 2 The dome of Hagia Sophia is sustained by ____ pendentives p Correct!Correct! solid safes p squinches p beam of lights 1/ 1 pts Concern 4 h3 The signs and also photos discovered in the shelter from San h3 Vitale share the solitary style of solid _____ h3 (If picture not noticeable, describe 9.12 in book). the affliction of Saint Vitalis p the Nativity p Christ"s crucifixion p Christ"s redemption of mankind solid Correct!Correct! solid 1/ 1 pts Inquiry 5 p an intricate setup p the lack of strong bodies solid Correct!Correct! p naturalistic activity a range of motions 1/ 1 pts h3 Concern 6 h3 Justinian's placement on the north wall surface of the apse of San Vitale h3 is rather uncertain. He seems a little behind the h3 diocesan, yet the paten he brings overlaps the diocesan's arm. This h3 shows the ____. (If picture not noticeable, describe 9.13 in book). unimportance of Diocesan Maxentius relevance of the state p pressure of Justinian"s personality equilibrium in between church as well as state p Correct!Correct! p 1/ 1 pts Concern 7 h3 The existence of the ____ stitched on Theodora"s garment h3 in the San Vitale mosaic Theodora as well as assistants, h3 highlighted her raised ranking. h3 (If photo not noticeable, describe 9.14 in book. A chopped variation of thisimage is likewise on the cover of your book).1/ 1 pts Inquiry 9 h3 Rounded, columned ___ and also 8 rectilinear piers h3 h3 press in an outward direction to disperse weight as well as sustain the dome at h3 San Vitale. h3 (If pictures not noticeable, describe 9.10-9.12 in book). p columns p arcs excedrae p solid Correct!Correct! p flying buttresses p 1/ 1 pts Concern 10 The reclusive activity started in ____ in the 3rd century. h3 p Syria p Rome p Constantinople p Egypt p solid Correct!Correct! solid p 1/ 1 pts Concern 11 In Rebecca and also Eliezer at the Well, the musician illustrated a lot more than one episode of the tale in a solitary framework. This is understood h3 as: h3 (If photo not noticeable, describe 9.14 a in book). lengthened tale p constant narrative p Correct!Correct! p multi-story picture time-lapse activity 1/ 1 pts Inquiry 13 h3 What art type ended up being very prominent in Oriental praise? h3 (If picture not noticeable, describe 9.18 b in book). Brightened manuscripts altarpieces symbols solid Correct!Correct! p sculpture p The dome on the Katholikon, Hosios Loukas, is created by h3 ____. h3 (If picture not noticeable, describe 9.21 in book). pendentives beam of lights sustaining octagons p squinches solid Correct!Correct! 1/ 1 pts Inquiry 17 h3 The picture of Christ as Pantokrator describes his function as the h3 ___ (If photo not noticeable, describe 9.27 in book). Redeemer p one to carry out the last judgment of the human race p solid Correct!Correct! solid Rescuer p Lamb of God p 1/ 1 pts Concern 18 The indoor mosaic program for Saint Mark's has informative tags created in both Latin and also greek. What represents this? (If picture not noticeable, describe 9.26 an and also 9.26 in book). p It suits the requirements of Venice's varied populace p