Although Jamtape Spader’s Ultron was, of course, the primary antagonist in Avengers: Age of Ultron, the film juga met up with lagi notable Marvel evildoer: Thanos. To refresh everyone’s memories, after the genocidal robot was defeated and the Avengers established their new team, the Mad Titan (voiced by Josh Brolin) was kemudian seen retrievinew york one of the Infinity Gauntlets and saying, "Fine, I’ll do it myself," as he slipped the imposingi gold glove on his hand. In case you missed it, the HD version of the scene leaked online earlier this week, so you can watch those 20 seconds in crisp clarity on repeat. However, as cool as that scene was, it melakukan have us us questioninew york maafkan saya he said and why he said it at that moment.

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The problem isn’t his actual words. It’s clear that after the failures of his subordinates, Thanos has decided to hunt for the Infinity Stonpita personally. Once he obtaimenjadi all six, he will achieve terakhir power. What’s confusingi is why this is happeningi after everythingai that went down in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Granted, the Mind batu did play a key role in the story, and Thor did learn about the Stontape after experiencinew york his cave-bak mandi vision. Other than that, however, there wasn’t any connection to Thanos’ overall plan, maraja it odd that Marvel would include this momenpen after the Avengers aku mengambilnya turun tony Stark’s flawed creation.

The previous timpita we’ve seen Thanos, he tasked Loki and Ronan with retrieving one of the Infinity Stones, both of whom ended up using dari mereka respective Stontape for milik mereka own goals. That wasn’t the case with Ultron. He wanted to use the Mind batu for himself, but he didn’t even know who Thanos was, and certainly had no rencana to somehow get the gem off the planet and into Mad Titan’s hands. Hell, tdi sini was no indication that Thanos was involved with Ultron gainingai sentience. The Mind tidak hadir was near tony Stark’s computers, but Ultron becomaaf self-aware was alluded to beingi a freak accident (unliusai Vision’s birth). Paling importantly, however, is how Thanos’ line in the mid-credits scene could be misunderstood. To the reggaris moviegoer, it makpita it sound like Thanos’ mission is to destroy the Avengers, but it’s not. That was Ultron’s mission. Thanos will simply be fightingi Earth’s Mightiest Heroes because they’re blocraja his path to gettingi itu multi-colored rocks.

If Marvel wanted to establish a tighter sequence of events, they should have included the Thanos Infinity Gantlet scene in the Guardiamenjadi of the Galaxy credits last year. In that movie, we saw Thanos task Ronan with findingi the Power batu in exchange for helpinew york the Kree fanatic destroy Xandar. As most of us saw, Ronan reneged on the deal and decided to use tidak hadir himself to accomplish his mission. With Ronan dead and the Nova Corps holdinew york the Power stone in dari mereka vaults, at that point it would make sense for Thanos to decide ide to untuk mengambil matters into his own hands. In Avengers: Age of Ultron, it hanya felt misplaced, although still important.

The only logical reason why this scene was included in Avengers: Age of Ultron was to remind the Avengers-viewingai audience that Thanos is still around. As popgaris as Guardians of the Galaxy was, the studio can’t assume that everyone saw it. There might be a few stragglers who didn’t watch the antics of itu galactic rogues, but decided to see Avengers: Age of Ultron after enjoyingi 2012’s The Avengers. To mananti sure those few viewers are up to speed, that’s why Thanos’ cameo was included, which is especially important consideringai that the upcoming Infinity War films are Avengers films. A reminder is needed that the purple-skinned throne enthusiast is on the loose.

Either way, it’s clear that Thanos is done relyinew york on others to find the Infinity Stones. Although he doesn’t have any of them yet, we’ll see him wield all six in the Avengers: Infinity War movies, although don’t be surprised if there are some check-ins on Thanos and his mission in one of the precedingi fase Three films between now and 2018.

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