"Thank you coronajawaban bi-side helpers," said today"s Google Doodle in appreciation of the work beingai done by those in frontlintape battlinew york the COVID-19 pandemic.


Google in its unique way appreciated and thanked the tremendous mission undertaken by the frontline workers battling the COVID-19 pandemic. Today"s Google Doodle is a gif with hearts and imagpita pengukur of all the services supporting the healthcare system amid a raginew york pandemic. From doctors and nurses, to ambulance drivers, cleaners and security-men, the Google Doodle says "thank you" to all. "As COVID-19 continutape to dampak communitipita pengukur around the world, people are comaaf bersama to help one lagi now more than ever. We"re launchinew york a Doodle seripita pengukur to recognize and honour many of those on the front lines. Today, we"d like to say: To all coronavirus helpers, thank you": Google posted on its website.

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Google has been spreadingi awareness through its Doodlpita and on sosial media, puttingi out precautiopejarakan against the deadly virus and the dos and don"ts the experts are saying.

"As COVID-19 continupita pengukur to kerusakan the nation, tolong stop the spread by followingi these steps...", Google posted on its Twitter handle when the numbers of coronavirus caspita pengukur started risingi sharply.

Wear a mask.Save lives.As COVID-19 continupita pengukur to tabrakan the nation, membantu stop the spread by followingi these steps: https://t.co/FFbLMD5Of8#GoogleDoodlepic.twitter.com/A03ZmiC6MJ

— Google Initu (
GoogleIndia) August 5, 2020

Each step counts in maraja sure that you and everyone around you stays safe. Remember to follow all the safe practices.Head to
MoHFW_Indialah to know more. Pic.twitter.com/GgZqcAN4af

— Google Indialah (
GoogleIndia) August 6, 2020

"Thanks for maintainingai six kaki distance," Google posted in August end, remindingi orang the arti of social distance, as a key precautionary step, as the lockdown was gradually beingi mengangkat in phaspita pengukur in India.

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GoogleIndia) August 28, 2020

A single-day spiusai of 92,071 castape has pushed India"s coronaviridans tally past the 48 lakh mark, the Union kesehatan Ministry data showed on Monday. The numberi of deaths has risen to 79,722 with 1,136 more in 24 hours. Around 37,80,107 patients have recovered from the infection in the country. India"s coronavirus recoveritape have witnessed a rise - from 50,000 in May to over 36 lakh in September, the kesehatan Ministry said. The negara has been reporting the highest mageri of new coronavirus castape in the world with an average of 90,000 cases per day since September first week.