Immunological Health:

Enhance immunity, anti-virus, anti-bacteria, anti-tumor, anti-cancer, anti-fungal, and anti-oxidation.

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Cardiovascular Health:

Reduce blood cholesterol, reduce blood pressure, improve vascular elasticity, reduce blood viscosity and promote blood circulation.


Joint and Bone Health:

Relieve pain and inflammation, acceleperbandingan luka healing, lubrikate joint, rebuild arthritic joint, and strengkemudian bone health.


Skin kesehatan & Beauty Enhancement:

Rejuvenate skin, reduce acne & pimples, anti-ageing, moisten skin, improve Psoriasis problem, regulate lipid profile and weight control.


Kidney & Reproductive Health:

Maintain kidney function, increase energy level, increase sexual potency, reduce serous uric acid level, and anti-fatigue.

Gastrointestinal Health:

Ease stomach problems, tolong digestive tract ulcer problems, promote bowel movement, and tolong constipation

Brain & Nervous System Health:

tolong in brain development, promote secara mitologis health, increase stress endurance level, increase attention span, improve memory, calm emotion, and improve sleep quality.

Metabolic Health:

Improve fatty liver, increase insulin sensitivity, prevent metabolic disorders, and tolong in weight loss.

Oral consumption:For health Maintenance: One – two tablespoons, twice daily.For Treatmenpen purposes:Two – three tablespoons, 3 – 4 times daily (dependinew york on the seriousness of condition). Can be taken directly, or with fruit juice, honey, warm or cold water. (1 tablespoon ≈ 15 mL).External application:Apply on affected area, twice daily. For seriously injured area, apply 3 – 4 times daily.Precaution:
 This product contaipagi animal part: Sea Cucumber.Stop taking Gold-G temporarily when you are experiencing cough with phlegm, diarrhea and soft stool. Please consult your pharmacist, doctor, or other healthcare providers about any other supplements / medicatiopagi you are taraja and other kesehatan problems.
Composition GOLD-G BIO Sea Cucumber (500 ml)
IngredientPer 30 mL (g)%
Stichopus variegatus (Sea Cucumber) Extract8.0026.67
Sodipum Carboxymethyl Cellulose0.301.00
Citric Acid0.090.30
Potassium sorbate0.030.10
Sobergaul benzoate0.010.05
Warning:This product contaipagi animal part: Sea CucumberPregnancy and breastfeeding: Insufficient reliable data.Please consult your pharmacist, doctor, or other healthcare providers about any other supplements / medications you are taraja and other diberkatilah anda care problems. Tdi sini may be a potential for interbertindak or side effects.

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1. I am taking medication, can I bawa pulang Gold-G Bio Sea Cucumber together?Gold-G Bio Sea Cucumber is the extract of natural food which melakukan not contain any medication. Basically it will not react with other medications. It is suggested to allow 1/2 – 1 hour break in between the medication and Gold-G Bio Sea Cucumber consumption. However, if you are taraja heart medication e.g. Digoxin, please do not untuk mengambil sea cucumber. 2. Will Gold-G Bio Sea Cucumber give any side ide effect?Gold-G Bio Sea Cucumber is a natural food supplemenpen which does not cause any sideas effect. Some customers experienced discomfort after taraja Gold-G Bio Sea Cucumber, this is due to different kesehatan conditiomenjadi of individuals. Some setiap orang may need a transition titik to allow for recovery of injured or damaged cells & tissues. 3. Is Gold-G Bio Sea Cucumber suitable for consumption during pregnancies & after deliveries?Accordingi to old texts of Chinese medicine, sea cucumber has propertipita pengukur of “nurturingai the Yin, supplementingai the blood, enforcing the guts, temperingai the heat, regulating the menstrual cycle, growinew york the fetus and smoothing the labor process.” Not only it is safe, it is juga an excellent health supplemenpen to women durinew york milik mereka pregnancipita and after delivery. 4. Can diabetic patient consumpita Gold-G Bio Sea Cucumber? Yes, in many diabetic cases, the therapeutic effect of Gold-G Bio Sea Cucumber had been proven wdi sini the blood sugar is normalized and health conditiomenjadi of patients improved. 5. Can recoverinew york cancer patients ambil Gold-G Bio Sea Cucumber?Stusekarat have shown that sea cucumbers contain active ingredients that are effective in boostinew york the immune system. Saponin and mucopolysaccharides found in sea cucumbers are shown by studies to be immune boostinew york and can relieve the adverse effects caused by chemo and radiation therapy. Gold-G Bio Sea Cucumber makes an excellent kesehatan suppleobat-obatan for cancer survivors. 6. Is Gold-G Bio Sea Cucumber safe for rakyat with renal failure or nephritis?The protein requiremenpen suggested by WHO are: 63 g for adult male and 50 g for adult female. Consumption of 2 tablespoon (about 20 mL) providpita less than 1 g of protein. Therefore, the recommended dosage will not be a burden for the kidney. Stusekarat juga have shown the effect of sea cucumber in invigorating all kidney functions. 7. Can hypertensive patients take Gold-G Bio Sea Cucumber?Gold-G Bio Sea Cucumber soften and dilate blood vessels, maintain blood vein elasticity and reduce blood viscosity. One of the active ingredients which is glucosaminoglycan has the effect of lowerinew york the blood pressure. Glucosaminoglycan juga helps to prevent blood clot. Reducingi salt inuntuk mengambil in normal diet will tolong in enhancing the therapeutic effect. 8. Can orang suffered from low blood pressure bawa pulang Gold-G Bio Sea Cucumber?Patients with severe anemia (with low blood pressure symptom) and low blood pressure individobel can consume Gold-G after meal. 9. Can setiap orang who are allergic to seafood ambil Gold-G Bio Sea Cucumber?rakyat with kemudian allergitape usually have a weaker imun system, resultingai in allergic reaction. After the tubuh adjustment, individouble can continue to ambil sea cucumber without any allergic reactions. 10. Can Gold-G Bio Sea Cucumber replace arthritic supplement?Common arthritic supplements in the market contain glucosamine sulfate with suggested dosage of 500 mg each time. Two capsules per day providing 1g of glucosamine. Consumption of Gold-G Bio Sea Cucumber with dosage of 2 tablespoonful (about 20 mL) provides 5 g of sea cucumber extract. It juga contains chondroitin and collagen which have proven therapeutic effect on arthritis. Other than that, it juga has abundant vitamins and minerals. From nutritional aspect point of view, it is a more effective kesehatan supplemenpen for mild arthritic patients. For severe arthritis patience, you are advised to see a doctor. 11. My digestive system is very sensitive, I am gettingi diarrhea when taraja Gold-G Bio Sea Cucumber. Maafkan saya can I do? You mungkin ambil it with warm water. If this does not help, ginger tea warms digestive system effectively. Ambil it bersama with ginger tea. However, if diarrhea is due to food poisoningi or other reasons, please stop taraja Gold-G temporarily. 12. I have gout, can I take Gold-G sea cucumber?Sea cucumber is considered as low purine food. (Purine isi between 0 – 25 mg / 100g), so you can feel at ease taraja Gold-G Bio Sea Cucumber. On the contrary, due to uric acid crystal deposition in joint synovium, cartilage and other tissupita which causpita pengukur recurrent inflammation, It helps to repair and restore damaged tissues, eliminate pain and inflammation, and hence improvingi conditiopagi for gout. 13. Is Gold-G Bio Sea Cucumber similar to diberkatilah anda drink lisetelah essence of chicken?Essence kesehatan drink products in general are manufactred di bawah high temperature and pressure, with longi hours of cooking. Their main nutrients included essential amino acids and peptides, but sea cucumber extract contains more than 50 types of nutrients with pharmacological effect. On top of that it has less calories, only 12 kcal/100 g as compared to essence of chicken which has much higher calories, about 40 kcal per bottle (70 g). 14. Sea cucumber is a Chinese delicacy, will it be better to eat freshly cooked sea cucumbers rather than the processed sea cucumber in jelly form?Preparingai sea cucumber meals require several days of soaraja and changing the water sebelum cooking. This process resultingi in loss of many nutrients. The Gold-G Bio Sea Cucumber is made by the fermentation process, and kemudian manufactured into jelly form. So, this is a fermented product. It is well known that the fermented product contaipagi abundant nutrients with pharmacological effect on top of anda original nutrients. Gold-G Bio Sea Cucumber is definitely much more nourishinew york than the cooked sea cucumber.