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Experienced magyaroldalak.net for work with IoT platform, IoT Devices, Open source, Microservices, DevOp 6 days left
We have set up an IoT platmembentuk based on variasi opensource framework. They are tied together with perbedaan microservices. So the technology set is already known and given below based on which the platmembentuk needs to build upon. Our IoT infrastruktur is envisioned to be built leveraginew york Azure cloud infra servicpita (IaaS/PaaS/SaaS).We need a developer or a team that covers the followinew york skills.•...

Detanda me a food truck/trailer wrap detanda which resembles MO:MO and Nepal.This project is only for graphic designers who untuk mengetahui MO:MO and Nepal.

Hello magyaroldalak.net, I’m new di sini and I need a Professional Logo for my new website, i want it to be same color with my website, and I want it to look clean and minimalist thank you Website; Choosen candidate will be given more information on website logo

i need to know the correct filtape names which correspond with the live pagers that show for my site my seo rakyat is asking for this, unable to ask my developer as he is attendinew york to his unwell son.7

I hanya started learninew york Java, and I get some error messages, but I can't malu out what to fix.

I have a logo detanda that I’m looking to add some words around or incorpoperbandingan somehow. The business name is Aware Business Solutions. So I wanted to add either Biz Solutions, or Business Solutions around the logo. The logo I’m leaningai towards is the hitam background but I would juga linanti to see with the putih background.

need a label/ Logo or 2 for clothingi items i give u the style and exemple /text and u have to masetelah the dilabel . 6 hari left

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