My house is indeed in Bintaro, but when asked wdi sini to bertaruh out in Bintaro it"s delicious, sometimes I"m juga confused. The problem is, usually go bagian belakang to Bintaro already night and go straight to the house. Hanya stumble to the mall hanya to shop for home needs. Paling of my time rupejarakan out in Jakarta.

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Well, hanya terakhir week really, I found a cafe in the Bintaro area which turned out to be OK, the name is Chill faktur Coffee & Platters. The exact location is in the back shop of the Emerald complex, not far from the Aulia school. Rukonmiliki tends to be quiet, in my opinion, so Chill bill Coffee & Platters stands out.

Beautiful Brunch in Chill faktur Coffee & Platters - Bintaro, Tangerang SelatanChill tagihan Coffee & Platters is not 8 o"clock in the morning, so it is juga suitable for being a brunch place. Inquired of havingi been investigated, this cafe tambahan often crowded with arisan mothers. The place is two floors with a spacious standard shop.

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Lantai 1Chill bill Coffee & Platters

Pojokan area lantai 1

Lantai 2 lebih banyak sinar matahari alami

Ada tepian sofa yangai nyaman dan cantik!

If you make a besar numberi of gatherings, it"s better on this second floor. Complete with Instagramable angltape and natural sunlight. Kapan the lower part of the light is more likely to be yellow, if you linanti a more melancholy atmosphere, it"s okay on the lower floor.

By the way, of course I tambahan order some food here. Also try the coffee too. Read on, the blog post is complete, complete the review!

Guillermo - Rp25.000

Guillermo - Rp25.000

This coffee is formulated from a mixture of espresso, sugar, and pure lime. It feels unique and fresh. The coffee is really dominant, but it feels light in the throat. Recommended for testing!

Kopi berikan padaku Hazelnut - Rp18.000

Kopi berikan padaku Hazelnut - Rp18.000

The standard is ice milk coffee in general, but this has a little hazelnut flavor, even though it doesn"t taste too much in my opinion. I think the texture is creamy, and is very easy to accept for everyone. If you want to add a shot, you can, hanya request it to the bar

Beef Mix Platter & Chicken Mix Platter - Rp30.000
Chicken Mix Platter - Rp30.000

To be a coffee friend, this is great! Fill the platter with fries, bitterballen, and chicken or meat preparations. Bitterballen is really a champion!
Spaghetti Aglio e Olio - Rp40.000
Spaghetti Aglio e Olio - Rp40.000

This dish is quite simple, the only fillinew york is mushrooms. But mananti no mistake, the mushrooms are fresh and really tasty! The marinade is very good, and usually aglio olio likes to be too oily or too dry, but this is cucmey ~

Ayam Bakar Merah - Rp35.000

Lapis Dagingi - Rp30.000

The color and taste are similar to Opor. The meat isn"t tough. If it is dipped in chili sauce, it is really delicious! If you want heavy food, try this!Overall, I really linanti the service and taste of the food served here. If you live in Bintaro, recommended juga mausai it an occasional try to visit Chill tagihan Coffee & Platters! Especially if you have a member of Zomato Gold, they have a promo "1 + 1 on food". Good luck, shay ~~
Ngopi viip dulu~

bisa ~ untuk bridal shower juga di sini~~

Selamat makan-makan????

Chill bill Coffee & Platters
Ruko Emerald Boulevard AA2 No. 52Jl. Jombanew york Raya, hütte Arenkota Tangerangi Selatan
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