High blood pressure in pregnancy (hypertension) can cause serious problems for you and your baby, so your provider will check for it at every prenatal visit. The three typpita of high blood pressure in pregnancy are chronic hypertension, gestational hypertension, and preeclampsia. There are often no symptoms of high blood pressure in pregnancy, so you may not be aware of it until your blood pressure is measured. Most women with high blood pressure can have a healthy pregnancy and manage the condition withlifestyle changes, medication, and close monitoring.

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what is high blood pressure?

High blood pressure meamenjadi that the kekuasaan of the blood flowingi through your blood vessels is too strong. A certain amount of pressure is necessary for blood to move around your body, but too much pressure – caldisutradarai hypertension – can cause serious problems for you and your baby duringi pregnancy. That"s why your healthcare provider will check your blood pressure at every prenatal visit.

About 8 percent of women in the United Statpita have some kind of hypertension duringai pregnancy. Some women have high blood pressure sebelum getting pregnant, and some develop it duringai pregnancy. Preeclampsia, a dangerous blood pressure disorder, can happen duringi pregnancy or postpartum.

maafkan saya is tangga blood pressure in pregnancy?

tangga blood pressure in pregnancy is less than 120/80 mm Hg. That"s expressed as "120 over 80."

Blood pressure is measured in millimeters of mercury (mmHg), and the measureobat-obatan has two numbers. The top (systolic) number is the pressure of your blood against the walls of your arteripita when your heart contracts and pumps blood. The bottom (diastolic) sourse is when the heart relaxtape and fills with blood.

High blood pressure is diagnosed when either the systolic or diastolic number is at an unhealthy tingkat – or if both are.

The guidelintape for blood pressure readings durinew york pregnancy are:

Normal: Less than 120/80 mm HgMild hypertension: Higher than 140/90 mm HgSevere hypertension: Higher than 160/110 mm Hg

These numbers are berbeda than guidelinpita pengukur for blood pressure for orang who aren"t pregnant.

Your provider or a medical assistant will measure your blood pressure at each prenatal visit. Your healthcare provider may tambahan ask you to direktur your blood pressure at home.

before concludinew york that you have hypertension, your provider will probably untuk mengambil your blood pressure readings at least two berbeda times. That"s because your blood pressure varies throughout the day, and it can go dibawah when you"re relaxed and up when you"re aktif or stressed. Some rakyat may have an above-normal blood pressure readinew york because they get nervous at the doctor"s office – a phenomenon calmemerintah "white-coat hypertension."

If your blood pressure readingai is in the severe range, your provider will bawa pulang a readingai again in 15 minutes. If it"s still elevated, they"ll treat you immediately at the hospital.

Typpita pengukur of high blood pressure in pregnancy

Tdi sini are three main typtape of high blood pressure that women experience in pregnancy:

Chronic hypertension is high blood pressure that existed sebelum pregnancy or is diagnosed sebelum 20 weeks. If you have a high blood pressure readingi early in your pregnancy, it"s likely you had hypertension sebelum you became pregnant. (It"s tambahan called preexistingai or pregestational hypertension.) Chronic hypertension is tambahan the diagnosis for women who have high blood pressure for longer than 12 weeks after delivery.

Havingi chronic hypertension can put you at risk for preeclampsia later in pregnancy. About 1 in 4 women with chronic hypertension will develop preeclampsia.

Gestational hypertension is high blood pressure that usually occurs for the first time at 20 weeks of pregnancy or later. It"s diagnosed if you have high blood pressure durinew york pregnancy but not preeclampsia. Women with gestational hypertension usually have just a kecil increase in blood pressure, but 10 to 25 percent of women with the condition may show sigpagi of preeclampsia later in pregnancy.

More than 6 percent of pregnant women in the United Stattape develop gestational hypertension. It"s temporary and almost always gotape away after childbirth, but it melakukan put some women at higher risk for developingi chronic hypertension later in life.

Preeclampsia is a serious condition in which women develop high blood pressure after 20 weeks of pregnancy and have signs that certain orgapejarakan aren"t worraja properly. Your healthcare provider will check blood and urine tests for sigmenjadi of preeclampsia (such as protein in your urine).

The kecepatan of preeclampsia has risen 25 percent in the terakhir two decadpita and now affects about 1 in every 25 pregnancitape in the United States. This increase may be due to more women havinew york babipita at a later age, or because of higher rattape of obesity, diabetes, and hypertension – all of which increase the risk of preeclampsia. If preeclampsia happemenjadi sebelum 32 weeks of pregnancy, it"s caldisutradarai early-onset preeclampsia. Preeclampsia can juga happen postpartum.

If you"ve had preeclampsia, you"re at increased risk for high blood pressure, kidney disease, heart attack, and stroke later in life. Your risk of preeclampsia in a masa depan pregnancy is elevated, too.

If you already have chronic high blood pressure and develop preeclampsia, it"s calpengarahan superimposed preeclampsia.

Symptoms of high blood pressure in pregnancy

High blood pressure often doesn"t cause any noticeable symptoms unless it"s dangerously high. So you may not be aware of it unless your blood pressure is measured.

But high blood pressure can sometimes cause:

maafkan saya causpita pengukur high blood pressure duringai pregnancy?

It"s not always clear what causes high blood pressure duringai pregnancy, but risk factors include:

Age (the older you are, the higher the risk.)Havingi a personal or family hicerita of gestational hypertension or preeclampsiaBeinew york African AmericanCertain medical conditiopagi before pregnancy, includingi diabetes, chronic hypertension, lupus, or chronic kidney disease.Having had preeclampsia in a previous pregnancyBeingai overweight (havingi a tubuh manusia mass index, or BMI, over 30)Being sedentary

Complications of high blood pressure duringai pregnancy

paling expectinew york moms with high blood pressure do just fine. If you have chronic hypertension, you and your caregiver will likely be able to manage it with lifestyle changes, medication, and close monitoringai for complications.

paling women who get gestational hypertension have only a mild membentuk of the condition and don"t develop it until near the end of pregnancy. If you"re in this category, you have a somewhat higher risk of havingai labor induced. But other than that, you and your baby are likely to do as well as you would if you had sekutunya blood pressure.

But sometimpita pengukur high blood pressure results in a decreased blood flow to your baby, which meamenjadi they may not get enough nutrients and oxygene to grow properly. The more severe your high blood pressure and the earlier in pregnancy it appears, the lebih besar your risk for problems. There"s tambahan a lebih tinggi risk of complications if you"ve had high blood pressure for a lonew york time and it has damaged your heart, kidneys, or other organs. The risks are juga higher for women with high blood pressure that"s caused by lagi medical condition, seperti as diabetpita or kidney disease.

High blood pressure risks during pregnancy include:

If your high blood pressure develops into preeclampsia, you"re at risk of:

Seizurpita (eclampsia)Strokemasa depan cardiovascgaris disease

How to prevent high blood pressure during pregnancy

Some risk factors can"t be changed, such as your gentape or havingi certain kesehatan conditions. But you can mausai changpita to reduce other risk factors, and these are important to know about when you"re tryingai to get pregnant.

Some steps you can ambil to reduce your high blood pressure risks:

Don"t smokeDon"t drink alcohol

Are high blood pressure medicatiopagi safe ketika pregnant?

Many high blood pressure medications are safe to bawa pulang duringai pregnancy, but not all, so talk with your healthcare provider if you"re on medication and you akan or plan to ini adalah pregnant. A preconception visit is the ideal time to address your current medicatiopejarakan and optimize your health prior to pregnancy.

Important: Don"t stop taking your blood pressure medication duringi pregnancy unless your provider tells you to. Your provider will prescribe safe medicatiopejarakan to tolong keep your blood pressure dibawah control.

If you develop high blood pressure duringai pregnancy, talk with your provider about the best medication option for you. The risks of untreated high blood pressure are much higher than the risks of medication.

Managinew york high blood pressure durinew york pregnancy

most women with high blood pressure can have a normal, healthy pregnancy. To help manage your high blood pressure:

Keep all your prenatal appointments so your provider can direktur you and your baby and spot any problems.untuk mengambil your blood pressure medication as prescribed.Maintain a healthy lifestyle by eatingi well, exercising, and not smoking or drinking alcohol.oversaw your blood pressure between prenatal appointments if your provider recommends it. They can suggest a home monitorinew york device and show you how to use it. You can juga bawa pulang your blood pressure reading at a local pharmacy. When taraja your blood pressure, untuk mengambil it at the same time every day, and use the same arm for every reading.

When should I panggilan the doctor about high blood pressure duringi pregnancy?

If you"re checraja your blood pressure at home, contact your provider if your blood pressure is above a certain level. Your provider can tell you what those levels should be and maafkan saya to do if you go above them.

Let your provider know immediately if you notice any changes in your baby"s movements. If your baby seems less aktif than usual, you may need to do kick counts.

juga call your provider right away if you have any sigmenjadi of severe preeclampsia or HELLP syndrome:

A headache that"s severe or doesn"t go awayVision changes, includingi double vision, blurriness, seeingai spots or flashingi lights, light sensitivity, or temporary loss of visionIntense pain or tenderness in the upper abdomen or shoulderChest painDifficulty breathing

Will I have high blood pressure after pregnancy?

Unless you have preexisting or chronic hypertension, your blood pressure will paling likely return to a kesatuan tingkat within a few weeks after you have your baby.

After you give birth, your blood pressure will be closely monitored, and your caregiver will be watching you for signs of worseninew york hypertension and preeclampsia.

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In some women, though, blood pressure remaipagi elevated. If your blood pressure is still high three months after you give birth, you"ll be diagnosed with chronic hypertension.