Deployment/Install issues - Easiest to identify but difficult to recover. This failure is consistent and usually permanent. Reset, restore from backup, or rollback to recover.

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Performance issues - More common with older hardware, low-powered machines. Symptoms include: High CPU utilization, disk contention, memory resources. This makes awal very slow to respond. Behavior is intermittent dependingai on available resources.Hangs - in Shell Experience host or related. These are the hardest issutape to identify as tdi sini are few events logged, but behavior is typically intermittent or recovers with a reboot. If a background application or serkejahatan hangs, mulai will not have resourctape to respond in time. Clean boot may help identify if the issue is related to additional software. Procmon is juga useful in this scenario.Other issues - Customization, domain policies, deploymenpen issues.

Basic troubleshooting

When troubleshootinew york basic start issupita pengukur (and for the most part, all other Windows apps), tdi sini are a few things to check if they are not working as expected. For issutape wdi sini the awal menu or subcomponent isn"t working, you can do some quick tests to narrow turun wdi sini the masalah may reside.

Cgudang di bawah tanah the OS and update version

Is the system running the latest Feature and Cumulative Monthly update?Did the melepaskan start immediately after an update? ways to check:PowerShell:::OSVersion.VersionWinVer from CMD.exe

Ciblis if start is installed

If awal fails immediately after a feature update, on thinew york to check is if the App package faidisutradarai to install successfully.

If awal was worraja and just fails intermittently, it"s likely that mulailah is instaldisutradarai correctly, but the masalah occurs downstream. The way to check for this problem is to look for output from these two PS commands:

get-AppXPackage -Name

get-AppXPackage -Name


Failure messages will appear if they aren"t installed

If mulailah is not installed, kemudian the fastest resolution is to revert to a known good configuration. This can be rollinew york bagian belakang the update, resettingai the PC to defaults (wdi sini there is a choice to save to delete user data), or restoringi from backup. No method is supported to install start Appx files. The results are often problematic and unreliable.

Check if mulai is running

If either component is failingai to awal on boot, reviewingai the event logs for errors or crashpita during boot may pinning point the problem. Booting with MSCONFIG and usingi a selective or diagnostik startup option will eliminate and/or identify possible interference from additional applications.

get-process -name shellexperiencehostget-process -name searchui

If it is instalmemerintah but not running, test booting into safe mode or use MSCONFIG to eliminate third-party or additional drivers and applications.

Cgudang di bawah tanah whether the system a clean install or upgrade

Is this system an upgrade or clean install?Run test-path "$env:windirpanthermiglog.xml"If that file melakukan not exist, the system is a clean install.Upgrade issupita can be found by runninew york test-path "$env:windirpanthermiglog.xml"

Cgudang di bawah tanah if awal is registered or activated

Export the followingai Event log to CSV and do a keyword search in a text editorial or for or"Package was not found""Invalid value for registry""Elemenpen not found""Package mungkin not be registered"

If these events are found, mulai is not activated correctly. Each event will have more detail in the description and should be investigated further. Event messagpita pengukur can vary.

Other things to consider

When did the problem start?

Top issupita for mulai menu failure are triggeredAfter an updateAfter installation of an applicationAfter joining a domain or applyinew york a domain policyMany of those issupita pengukur are found to bePermission changtape on Registry keys or foldersmulai or related component crashtape or hangsCustomization failure

To narrow down the problem further, it"s good to note:

what is the install background?

Was this a deployment, install from media, otherUsingi customizations?DISMGroup policy or MDMcopyprofileSysprepOther


Group aturan settings that restrict access or permissiomenjadi to folders or registry keys can cause issutape with mulailah performance.Some Group Policipita pengukur intended for Windows 7 or older have been known to cause issutape with StartUntested start Menu customizations can cause unexpected behavior by typically not complete mulai failures.

Is the environmenpen virtualized?


Check Event logs that record mulailah Issues:

System Event log

Application Event log******

Cgudang di bawah tanah for crashtape that may be related to mulai (explorer.exe, taskbar, and so on)

Application log event 1000, 1001Check WER reportsC:ProgramDatamagyaroldalak.netWindowsWERReportArchiveC:ProgramDataMicrtWindowsosofWERReportQueue

If tdi sini is a component of mulailah that is consistently crashing, capture a dump that can be reviewed by Support.

Common errors and mitigation

The followingi list providtape information about common errors you might run into with start Menu, as well as steps to tolong you mitigate them.

Symptom: start Menu doesn"t respond on Windows 2012 R2, Windows 10, or Windows 2016

Cause: Background Tasks Infrastruktur Serkeburukan (BrokerInfrastructure) serkejahatan is not started.

Resolution: Ensure that Background Tasks Infrastruktur Serragum is set to automatic startup in Servicpita MMC.

If Background Tasks Infrastruktur Serkeburukan fails to start, verify that the Power Dependency Coordinator Driver (PDC) driver and registry key are not disabpengarahan or deleted. If either are missing, restore from backup or the installation media.

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To verify the PDC Service, run C:>sc query pdc in a command prompt. The results will be similar to the following:

The PDC serkeburukan uspita pengukur pdc.sys located in the %WinDir%system32drivers.

The PDC registry key is:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicespdcDescription="