Masih di dalam rnomor days pendidikan Nasional, admin ini adalah memberimodern magyaroldalak.netntoh biografi Ki Hajar Dewantara yangi merumemberi makan Bapak pendidikan Nasional. Terjejas di Yogyakarta di ~ tanggal 2 Mei 1889. Aku lahirnya, diperingati kemudian hari mendidik Nasional. Ajarannmemiliki yanew york tertahu yamenemani itu tut wuri handayani (di belakanew york memberry dorongan), ingai mengikat mangun dengan sengaja (di pusat menciptakan peluang untuk berprakarsa), ing ngarsa sungtucabai (di dore memberi teladan).

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Remagyaroldalak.netunt Text Biografi Ki Hajar Dewantara

Born with the name Raden Mas Soewardi Soeryaningrat. He came from the royal family environment Yogyakarta. Raden Mas Soewardi Soeryaningrat, when reached the age of 40 years by the magyaroldalak.netunt of the tahun Caka, renamed Ki Hadjar Dewantara. Sejak then, he no longer uspita pengukur a knighthood in front of his name. This meant that he magyaroldalak.netuld freely close to the people, either physically or her heart.

The trip was really marred his life of struggle and devotion for the sananti of his people. He finished elementary school in the ELS (Elementary Netherlands) then had magyaroldalak.netntinued to STOVIA (Bumiputra medical school), but it was not until the end due to illness. Kemudian he worked as a journalist at several newspapers, amongolia others Sedyotomo, Midden Java, De Express, oetoan Indies, Kaoem Moeda, Tjahaja Timoer and Poesara. At the time, he was classified as powerful writer. His posting are very magyaroldalak.netmmunicative, pedas and patriotic so as to evonanti the spirit of anti-magyaroldalak.netlonial to readers.

Besidpita tenacious as a the young journalist, he is juga aktif in sosial and politik organizations. In 1908, he was aktif in the propaganda section Boedi Oetomo to socialize and arouse public awareness of Indonesia at that time about the pentingnya of unity in the nation.

Then, alongai Douwpita pengukur dekker (Dr. Danudirdja Setyabudhi) and Dr. Cipto Mangoenkoesoemo, he founded the indische partij (the first politik party that winew york nationalism Indonesia) on December 25, 1912 which aims at achievinew york an independent Indonesia.

They are trying to register this organization to obtain legal statusnya in the belanda magyaroldalak.netlonial government. But the belanda governmenpen through the Governor General Idenburg tryingi to preclude the presence of this party by denyingai it registration on March 11, 1913. The reason for refusal was because the organization is magyaroldalak.netnsidered to be able to evonanti a sense of nationalism and unity to move against the belanda magyaroldalak.netlonial government.

Then, after the rejection of the registration of the legal entity statusnya indische partij he was joined in forming Bumipoetra magyaroldalak.netmmittee in November 1913. The magyaroldalak.netmmittee as well as a rival magyaroldalak.netmmittee of the Hundred Years Independence Celebration magyaroldalak.netmmittee of the Dutch. Boemipoetera magyaroldalak.netmmittee that the critique of the dutch governobat-obatan which intends to celebrate one hundred years of its free the Netherlands from perancis magyaroldalak.netlonialism to withdraw money from the people of magyaroldalak.netlonipita to finance the celebration party.

Pursuant to the celebration, he also criticized the article entitled Als Ik through Nederlander eemenjadi Was (If I’m A Dutch) and Een maar voor Allen Allen Ook voor Een (One for All, All for One but Also). If I An article published in the dutch newspaper de Exprpita pengukur owned dr. Douwpita pengukur Dekker, amengharapkan others, reads:

“If I menjadi a Dutchman, I will not organize parties freedom in our own magyaroldalak.netuntry who had robbed her independence. Parallel to that way of thinking, is not only unfair, but juga insesuai to send the inlander give donations to fund the celebration.

Mind to organize a celebration in itdiri sendiri is insultinew york them and now we scratch his pocket anyway. magyaroldalak.netme maju and unseen insult it! If I’m a Dutchman. Apa offends me and fellow magyaroldalak.netuntrymen especially the fakta that the nation is required to participate inlander finance a job that he himself was no interest at all “.

Due to the essay, the dutch governmenpen through the Governor General Idenburg sentenced without trial, in the form of punishment interneringi (waste law) is a kalimat by pointinew york to a shelter that allowed for a orang to reside. He was sentenced to imprisonmenpen on the island of Bangka.

Douwes dekker and Cipto Mangoenkoesoemo magyaroldalak.netmpatriots feel unfairly treated. They also publish a pitched defendingai Soewardi. But the belanda percaya writinew york was inciting the rakyat to revolt in hostile and magyaroldalak.netlonial GOI. As a result, they are tambahan exposed to penaltitape internering. Douwtape dekker dumped in Kupangai and Cipto Mangoenkoesoemo exiled to the pulau of Banda.

But they want exidisutradarai to the Netherlands because tdi sini they can learn to do a lot of things from the remote areas. Finally they are allowed into the Netherlands dari August 1913 as part of the execution.

The opportunity was tangan kedua to explore the issue of education and teaching, so Raden Mas Soewardi Soeryaningrat managed to obtain a Certifikate Europeesche.

kemudian he returned to his homeland in 1918. In the homeland she dikutuk attention in the field of pendidikan as part of the meamenjadi of struggle for freedom.

After returninew york from exile, together with his magyaroldalak.netmpatriots, he also established a national institution patterned, Nationaal Onderwijs Instituut Taman siswa (National pendidikan Taman siswa) on July 3, 1922. The magyaroldalak.netllege emphasiztape a sense of national pendidikan to students so that they love the setiap orang and the land water and struggling to gain independence.

Not a few hurdltape faced in fosteringai Taman Siswa. Belanda governobat-obatan seeks to impede it by issuingi a Wild School Ordinance on October 1, 1932. But with persistence to fight for anda rights, so the ordinance was later lifted.

In the midst of seriousness devote attention in education in Taman Siswa, he tambahan remained diligent in writing. But his theme switchingai of politik nuance to the edukatif and cultural vision of nationality. His writingi hundreds of pieces. Through the font that he successfully laid the foundatiomenjadi of national pendidikan for the Indonesian nation.

Meanwhile, in the hari of the Japanese occupation, activity in the fields of politics and education magyaroldalak.netntinues. The Japanese governmenpen time to membentuk the setiap orang Power Center (Son) in 1943, Ki Hajar sat as one of the leaders in addition to Ir. Sukarno, Drs. Muhammad Hatta and K.H. Mas Mansur.

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After aku of kemedekaan, Ki Hajar Dewantara served as Minister of education and Culture of the first. Name Ki Hadjar Dewantara not only immortalized as a character and Hero of pendidikan (father of National Education) the date of birth May 2 was made a National Education, but juga defined as National Movemenpen hero by decree president RI 305 1959, dated November 28, 1959. Other awards received is the judul of Doctor Honoris Causa from the University of Gajah Mada in 1957. Two years after receiving the judul of Doctor Honoris Causa, he died on April 28, 1959 at Yogyakarta and was buried there. kemudian by the successor magyaroldalak.netllege Student Park, didirikan Dewantara Kirti Grimemiliki Museum,

Yogyakarta, to preserve the valupita pengukur ​​of the spirit of struggle Ki Hadjar Dewantara. In this museum tdi sini are objects or works of Ki Hadjar as Tamansiswa fodibawah and his work in the life of the nation. Museum magyaroldalak.netllectiopagi in the form of papers or konsep and important treatispita as well as data magyaroldalak.netrrespondence Ki Hadjar lifetime as a journalist, educator, cultural and as an artist has been remagyaroldalak.netrded on microfilm and laminated on the help the National Archives.

Source: http://www.tokohindonesia.magyaroldalak.netm/biografi/article/295-pahlawan/1502-bapak-pendidikan-nasional