"Do not" is the peak of Bryson's fresh R&B occupation, obtaining over 70 million use his Soundcloud in under a year. The storyteller of this vibey track talks on just how he ... Learn more

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Don'& #x 27; t, wear'& #x 27; t have fun with her, #x & put on 27; t be unethical (Ayy)Still not understandin & #x 27; this reasoning (Ayy)I'& #x 27; m back and also I & #x 27; m much better (And also I & #x 27; m much better) I desire you poor as everDon & #x 27; t allow me simply allow upI wan na provide you betterBaby, it & #x 27; s whateverSomebody obtained ta action upGirl, I'& #x 27; m that someone, so I & #x 27; m following upBe damned if I allowed him capture upIt & #x 27; s very easy to see that you'& #x 27; re fed upI get on an entire '& #x 27; nother levelGirl, he just fucked you over '& #x 27; trigger you allow himFuck him, woman, I presume he didn'& #x 27; t understand any kind of betterGirl, that male didn'& #x 27; t reveal any type of effortDo all I can simply to reveal you you'& #x 27; re specialCertain it'& #x 27; s your love that holds me togetherLately you state he been killin' & #x 27; the vibeGotta be ill of this guyPull up, skrr, enter the rideLeft hand is steerin' & #x 27; the various other is grippin' & #x 27; your thighLight up a spliff and also obtain highShawty, you deserve what you'& #x 27; ve been missin & #x 27; Lookin & #x 27; at you I & #x 27; m thinkin & #x 27; he has to be trippin & #x 27; Play this tune for him, inform him, "Simply pay attention"
Don'& #x 27; tDon &#x 27; t Woman, claimed he goes on playin' & #x 27; gamesAnd his lovin' & #x 27; ain & #x 27; t the sameI #x & put on 27; t understand what to state, butWhat a shameIf you were my own you would certainly not obtain the sameIf you were my own you would certainly cover everythingSuicide in the decline switchin' & #x 27; lanesAnd that point so fire, child, no propaneGot great pussy, woman, can I be frank?To maintain it 100, lady, I ain'& #x 27; t no saintBut he the only factor that I'& #x 27; m feelin & #x 27; this wayGivin & #x 27; you the globe, child, when you obtain spacePen video game obtain me laid, child, that'& #x 27; s penetrateOh childDon'&#x 27; t H-Town obtained a nigga so throwedPour up, we can celebration some moreYeah, obtained this consumed in my cupGot a young nigga feelin' & #x 27; so throwedSpit fire in a globe so coldYoung cash obtained a nigga feelin' & #x 27; oldSpit fire in a globe so coldH-Town obtained me feelin' & #x 27; so throwedH-Town obtained me feelin' & #x 27; so throwedRide paint and also we drink '& #x 27; til we foldH-Town obtained me feelin' & #x 27; so throwedSpit fire in a globe so coldH-Town obtained a nigga so tossed