Spiral Knights uses fairly a range of tools, however several are either not like their summaries will certainly lead you to think, or are as well excellent to be stabilized. Still others are fantastic in the ideal situations, and also totally worthless somewhere else. This overview will certainly assist you puncture the crap and also select the most effective tools for your wanted play design.

Overview to Defense


If you are brand-new, I extremely advise playing meta. It is a lot easier to discover the meta prior to damaging it than to attempt to play meta from the beginning. When they begin and also it makes it hard to grind to obtain even more meta tools, I see so several individuals make rubbish tools. I made the exact same blunder when I began, and also I desire somebody had actually established me straight earlier.


Although this is a tools overview, I suggest utilizing the Disorder Establish as well as Swiftstrike Buckler. These will certainly offer you offending enthusiasts that will certainly make every one of your tools far more efficient. Black Kat equipment is much better if you have the best Distinct Variations (UVs) on your tools, yet it is costly, and also the tool UVs required to utilize it efficiently are a lot more costly.

Keep In Mind on Holy Orbitgun/Overcharged Mixmaster

Being past the majority of people can manage, Orbitgun/Mixmaster are not consisted of in this overview. Any person with one most likely does not require this overview as well as they serve in virtually every situation for every single play design, so it would certainly be repetitive to include them anyhow.

Pure Meta/Swords with Sidearms

These tools are the standard tools that can assist in nearly every situation.

For General Usage

Combuster/VoltedgeBlitz NeedleAcheron

These 3 can obtain you via Vanaduke/FSC and also a lot of Clockworks degrees. These are, nonetheless, extremely standard, and also having various other tools can aid a whole lot.

For General Usage (Prolonged)

Electron VortexArcanaBarbarous Thorn Blade/Final FlourishIron Slug

EV as well as Arcana are wonderful enhancements to any type of FSC loadout presuming you have all 4 tool ports. BTB/FF serve versus Fiends as well as cover several situations that the very first 3 tools do not. Iron Slug is wonderful in several locations as well as can be utilized practically anywhere.

Various other

Winter Months GraveTorpor TantrumRiftlockerPhantamosGrim RepeaterVenom VeilerWarmaster Rocket HammerPlague Needle

These work in numerous areas, however aren't rather as widely great as the above tools. Pester Needle is excellent in FSC, however just if there are 3-4 individuals in the event and also just if the other individuals are making use of Strike.


This is the most safe playstyle, and also my individual fave. An artilleryman will certainly wish to have a bomb with them in particular scenarios, though it isn't called for.

For General Usage

Nova DriverUmbra DriverRiftlockerIron SlugBlitz NeedleGrim RepeaterArcanaPhantamos

These will certainly obtain you via the majority of areas, yet there are various other tools that can be great to have for 1 or 2 areas, in addition to bombs that can include assistance in a couple of situations.

Various other Weapons

Winter Months GraveCallahanPermafrosterWildfirePolarisStorm DriverMagma Motorist

These weapons have less usages than the above, yet they are incredible in the ideal situations. If you desire to have actually extremely specialized loadouts/ [these are the weapons you will certainly desire to have [/p>

Assistance Bombs

Electron VortexObsidian CrusherTorpor TantrumAsh of AgniVenom VeilerShivermist Buster

Vortex and also Poison Veiler can be utilized almost anywhere, yet the others are a lot more details. Torpor Temper tantrum is generally best in Darkness Lairs and also Dreams as well as Nightmares, as well as Shivermist is great in Red Roarmulus Doubles, yet Torpor will certainly beat it nearly all over else. Ash of Agni is terrific for Ice Queen as well as degrees with great deals of minis.

Bombing plane

This play design is significantly underused, however it is still practical in a lot of locations.

Damages Bombs

Dark Briar BarrageDark RetributionNitronome

These are the support of any type of bombing plane's loadout and also have usages in a lot of areas. Either DBB as well as DR is far better than Nitronome at any type of offered beast household, however Nitronome can be beneficial when there are several households in an area simultaneously (like in Problems as well as desires).

Assistance Bombs

Electron VortexObsidian CrusherTorpor TantrumAsh of AgniVenom VeilerShivermist Buster

These coincide assistance bombs an artilleryman will certainly make use of, as well as they ought to be utilized in all the very same areas.

Valuable Weapons

ArcanaRiftlockerPhantamosIron SlugBlitz Needle

These are either fantastic sidearms or fantastic at managing adversaries that are challenging to eliminate with just bombs.

What to Prevent

Typical Damages Defense

The energy of having the ability to utilize them all over is much surpassed by the damages extra certain tools will certainly do. Iron Slug is the only Regular Damages tool that deals sufficient damages to be worth utilizing for lots of people, and also a committed bombing plane can discover some use a Nitronome, yet past those, regular damages tools are pointless.

Antigua-Line Weapons

While the concept of a kiting weapon with great deals of shots appears great, it is better to find out to tool button and also make use of an Arcana.

Freeze Defense

Generally of thumb, Freeze creates a lot more troubles than it addresses. Icy opponents can not be guard bumped, yet they can still assault. Some Freeze tools (Glacius, Shivermist, and also Permafroster), nevertheless, can still be really valuable in Red Roarmulus Doubles and also Substance 42.

Fragment Bombs

They're not well balanced correctly, so they are essentially pointless unless you have a complete celebration of fragment bombing planes.


Neither Neutralizer neither Biohazard are great as an outcome of their mechanic cost in the Artilleryman Update. Neutralizer's damages is additionally "pestered." FND.