solid Fired solid is an out-of-date, nonstandard easy previous stressful and also previous participle of shoot. (resource) p You need to not utilize this type. em Shot em appertains. p It"s still made use of often, however it"s actually out-of-date. Instance: p He took his weapon and also shooted individuals much like, from one block of LePlaza as well as 2 blocks from the primary police headquarters of PAP. -- The Huffington Message, "Georgianne Nienaber: Legislator Leahy Ask For Freeze on Haiti Help, Clinton Silent, Palin Visits Camps" p It"s additionally typical em to make use of fired when asking: p Have you ever before fired a weapon? p Although it"s additionally incorrect and also the appropriate term is "Have you ever before fired a weapon?" Share Enhance this solution Adhere to br modified Apr 16 "11 at 19:24 addressed Apr 16 "11 at 19:01 RiMMERRiMMER 21.3 k1414 gold badges8282 silver badges109109 bronze badges 8 |Program 3 much more remarks br 4 It"s associated with use. p When talking of plants sending out shoots (My lilies have actually fired), Shooted is utilized. It"s typically intransitive. Shot is made use of in the majority of various other contexts. It can be transitive (I fired the constable) or intransitive (The youngsters flashed of course as quickly as the bell sounded). br Share br Boost this response Adhere to responded to May 29 "12 at 13:07 br div style="text-align: center" veejayveejay 4111 bronze badge 1 br Include a remark| 1 Shot is the right previous strained of shoot em Shot em is likewise a noun describing the shooting of a weapon or the projectile that is blown up out of one. Share br Enhance this solution br Comply with addressed Apr 16 "11 at 18:40 RobustoRobusto 145k3636 gold badges339339 silver badges573573 bronze badges 4 br Include a remark| Extremely energetic inquiry b Gain 10 track record (not counting the organization benefit) in order to address this inquiry. The credibility need assists secure this concern from spam as well as non-answer task. h2 Not the response you'& #x 27; re seeking? Search various other concerns marked grammar or ask your very own inquiry. Included on Meta Connected 49 Which is proper: "fixed" or "troubleshot"? Relevant 0 Appropriate grammar for infusing one more individual with a medication? 1 What is the grammatically appropriate means to state "Have you ever before been contended?" 1 br Which word to utilize in this sentence, "when" or "which"? br 1 Exactly how do you pick in between stressed out '' to be ' and also unstressed? br Warm Network Questions much more warm concerns br Inquiry feed Register for RSS Inquiry feed To sign up for this RSS feed, duplicate as well as paste this link right into your RSS viewers. p div Language & Use Firm Heap Exchange Network website layout/ logo design © © 2021 Heap Exchange Inc; customer payments accredited under cc by-sa. rev2021.9.10.40187 Language & Use Heap Exchange functions finest with JavaScript allowed Your personal privacy p By clicking "Approve all cookies", you concur Heap Exchange can keep cookies on your gadget and also reveal details according to our Cookie Plan.