Lugh (additionally Lug, Luga) was among one of the most vital Celtic gods, specifically in Ireland, and also he stood for the sunlight and also light. Although coming from as an all-seeing and also all-wise divine being, Lugh was later on taken a historic number, terrific warrior, and also Irish social hero. Lugh commonly has an epithet such as Lugh Lámfada (or Lámfhota), indicating long-armed or "of the lengthy hand", which describes his expertise with tossing tools, or Lugh Samildánach, suggesting "competent in several arts and also crafts". He is a noticeable number in numerous tales in Irish folklore where he leads the Tuatha Dé Danann race to success versus the seafaring Fomorians at the Fight of Mag Tuired. Lugh eliminates one-eyed Balor with his magic spear or sling therefore develops a 40-year regime of tranquility and also success. Lugh is comparable in several means to the Celtic god Lugus, the number the Romans called Gaulish Mercury.

Abilities & names

The god Lugh"s name suggests "light" and also "illumination". His typical epithets are Lugh Samildánach ("competent in the arts, professions, and also crafts") and also Carry Lámfada, Lámfhada, Lámhfhada or Lámfhota ("long-armed" or "long-handed"). The god"s most usual epithet of "long-armed" describes his capability to either toss a spear or a slingshot an extremely country mile. Not just a terrific warrior, Lugh might have been thought about a fili , that is a poet, seer, and also diviner. These multi-skills make Lugh extremely comparable to the divine being the Romans explained (without offering the aboriginal name) as Gaulish Mercury, currently recognized to be called as Lugos or Lugus by the Celts. He is additionally the matching of the Welsh hero Lleu Llaw Gyffes. In art, Lugh is usually provided as a good-looking as well as vibrant professional athlete, and also he commonly lugs his popular spear called Gáe Assail.

Family members & Offspring

Lugh is just one of the 3 crucial heroes in Irish folklore. His mom is Eithne, the child of Balor (also known as Balar), leader of the Fomorians (see listed below) therefore he is occasionally called Lug mac Ethnenn. His daddy is Cian, the child of the recovery god Dian Cécht. Lugh was birthed at the very same time as 2 brother or sisters, yet these passed away soon after the birth, probably describing Lugh"s phenomenal powers as he was, essentially, 3 individuals, not one. In an additional variation of the occasions, the fatalities of the various other 2 babies - this moment by sinking - is placed down to Balor that is afraid a prediction that he will certainly be eliminated by his grand son. Nonetheless, in yet various other variations, Lugh does have a sis, Ébliu.

Lugh"s promote mommy is Tailtiu, partner of the last Fir Bolg king, Eochaid mac Eirc. In various other variations, his foster-mother is the old queen Duach. Lugh"s foster-father is in some cases Manannán mac Lir, the primary Irish-Celtic sea god, that shows Lugh numerous abilities. Conversely, his foster-father is Goibniu, the god of smiths and also maker of fantastic tools (consisting of Lugh"s magnificent spear), or Eochaid, the god of lightning and also the horseman of the paradises. The organization of all these numbers with Lugh discusses his several differed abilities and also powers.

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The Fomorians by John Duncan
John Duncan (Public Domain Name)

Lugh"s partners are otherwise offered as Bui, Nás, Echtach, or Énglic, although in some resources he has all 4. The Luigni, an old people populating what is today Area Meath as well as Region Sligo in the north of Ireland, considered themselves offspring of Lugh, also if in numerous resources he has no youngsters. When he does have a boy, it is Cú Chulainn, the wonderful hero of the impressive Ulster Cycle, whose mommy is Deichtine. Deichtine either ingests a miniaturised variation of Lugh while consuming a mug of water or imagine the god to ensure that she amazingly conceives with Cú Chulainn. Lastly, Lugh has s a loyal canine, Failinis.

The Tuatha Dé Danann

Lugh is the principal of the pre-Christian Irish gods or superordinary race referred to as the Tuatha Dé Danann that brought aspects of world in the Irish Mythical Cycle. Lugh"s tale mainly originates from the Cath Maige Tuired (also known as The Fight of Mag Tuired , an 11th-century CE message which looked at earlier resources. This message informs the tale, prior to Lugh is birthed, of the intrusion of Ireland by the Tuatha Dé Danann that overcome versus the present occupants, the Fir Bolg at Mac Tuired, a level in Connacht in northwest Ireland. The beat Fir Bolg then distribute to remote islands and also to Scotland.

An additional fight at the very same location adheres to 27 years later on, this moment in between the Tuatha Dé Danann as well as the Fomorians, that are either demonic pirates or semi-divine beings depending upon which resource one speaks with. Regardless of being strong competitors with a terrifying facet - they have one arm, one leg, as well as one eye in some variations - the Fomorians are beat by the Tuatha Dé Danann. Prior to the fight, both teams had actually gone to tranquility and also intermarried to ensure that Lugh is birthed the grand son of a Fomorian. It is Lugh that played the crucial duty in the 2nd Fight of Mag Tuired.

Initially, to end up being the principal of the Tuatha Dé Danann, Lugh needed to offer his qualifications to the existing king, Nuadu, that has a mechanical silver arm which some think about a handicap that makes him unsuited to be leader. Lugh educates the king that he is multi-skilled since he has the abilities of a woodworker, smith, medical professional, chronicler, warrior, and also sorcerer, among lots of others. Lugh thrills the court with his toughness by tossing a significant natural flagstone as well as with his ability at playing the harp. Lugh then beats Nuadu, and also anybody else that likes play, in a board-game called fidchell - a somewhat unjust suit given that Lugh was attributed with creating it - therefore he ends up being the king.

In the fight with the Fomorians, Lugh utilizes his sorcery abilities to offer his military unique tools as well as the powers of magic. Lugh"s have spear, Gáe Assail, was instead unique considering that it constantly struck its target and also can go back to his hand on command. The spear was stated to be so terrifying that it needed to be maintained in a cauldron of water throughout peacetime lest it established its environments aflame.


Lugh winds up combating his very own grandpa, Balor or the Wickedness Eye. Balor has one massive eye as well as his eyelid is so hefty that it needs 4 guys to raise it. They are made vulnerable if adversaries ever before look straight at the eye. Lugh utilizes his magnificent sling arm to strike his grandpa in the eye which then transforms in reverse in his head (or merely is up to the ground). The effect of this is that the Fomorians come to be the sufferers of rotten luck therefore shed the battle. In various other variations, Lugh blinds Balor with his spear or lops off his head as well as places it on a post to make sure that the eye beams on the Fomorians and also makes them very easy to beat. The Fomorians are then driven back to where they originated from: the sea. Lugh takes place to rule his brand-new kingdom for 40 years whereby time the cows constantly provide lots of milk and also the harvests are constantly abundant.


Lugh is associated with various other small episodes such as his revenge on the killers of his daddy Cian. The awesomes are Brian, Iuchair, and also Iucharba, 3 children of Tuireann. Lugh finds his papa"s smashed body, as well as the planet around it informs of his destiny as well as that did this awful act. Lugh establishes the 3 awesomes a collection of difficult jobs, and also 2 of them pass away in a fight while Brian is eliminated by Lugh. It is from this triad as well as their terrific work that Lugh obtains his wonderful spear and also his pet dog Failinis.

Lugh then himself comes to be the sufferer of a triad of siblings. Lugh"s partner (below unrevealed) was as soon as disloyal with Cermait, boy of the Dagda, the excellent expansive warrior god. In his fierceness, Lugh eliminated Cermait, yet his 3 magnificent children Mac Cuill, Mac Cécht, and also Mac Gréine look for vengeance. Lugh is hounded near capital of Uisnech in main Ireland yet runs away just to sink in close-by Loch Lugborta. Lugh"s body is recouped, as well as he is hidden underneath an on the coasts of the loch. Various other variations point out numerous prospects for Lugh"s burial place, especially at Newgrange (Brug na Bóinne) in Area Meath. The 3 killing bros, at the same time, split Ireland in between themselves.


Heritage: Lughnasa & Beyond

Lugh provided his name to the essential event held each very first day of August in Ireland, Lughnasa (or Lughnasadh). Attached to the start of the harvest, the event was in a similar way commemorated in various other Celtic societies yet passed various other names. In the Irish variation, Lugh commits the celebration to his foster-mother Tailtiu as component of her last rites. Besides commemorating the ripening of grain as well as developing of potatoes, the event was noted by competition, tools competitions, and also various other sporting activities. Followers commonly climbed up hillsides where they collected berries as well as claimed petitions.

Lugh"s name likewise resided on in lots of name in Europe, specifically Roman negotiations such as Lugdunum (Lyon) in France and also Luguvallium (Carlisle) in the UK. He was, also, the beginning of the name Lugaid, which was embraced by lots of brave numbers in later Irish background. Such was his vast charm, Lugh was also taken on by very early Christian authors that changed him right into the angel Michael. Lugh"s stature reduced in time up until he was at some point changed right into Lugh-chromain, indicating "stooping Lugh" as he currently lived in the below ground globe of sidh where all the various other gods were delegated to as individuals neglected their practices and also welcomed brand-new faiths. From there, Lugh ended up being "leprechaun", the small fairy-goblin that secures concealed prize in Irish mythology.

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