Base Atk Base HP Max Atk Max HP Lvl 100 Atk Lvl 100 HP Lvl 120 Atk Lvl 120 HP
1,429 1,571
7,696 8,731
10,415 11,838
12,233 13,914
NP per Struck (%) When Struck (%) [np [td> 3%
Celebrity Absorption Celebrity Generation per Struck

ATK Assistance
Self NP Gain Up
AoE Buster NP
NP Damages Down
Crit Damages Down
Debuff Res Down



Growing of a Wise King B

Possibility to cause Beauty on a solitary opponent (1 turn). Gain Crucial Stars each turn (3 turns).


Gateway of BabylonB+

Offer hefty damages to all opponents.

Reduction NP Toughness for all opponents (1 turn). Decline Vital Toughness for all opponents (1 turn). Reduction Debuff Resist for all opponents (1 turn).

Gateway of Babylon

King'' s Prize

B+ Anti-Personnel 10

Offer hefty damages to all opponents.

Overcharge Result

Reduction NP Stamina for all adversaries(1 turn). Decline Essential Toughness for all opponents( 1 turn). Decline Debuff Resist for all adversaries(1 turn ).

Charge100%200%300 %400% 500%
Entrance of Babylon(Upgrade 1) B+ +

Update using Intermission Pursuit 1

Offer hefty damages to all adversaries.

Decline NP Toughness for all adversaries(1 turn). Reduction Important Stamina for all adversaries( 1 turn). Reduction Debuff Resist for all adversaries(1 turn).

Gateway of Babylon(Upgrade 1 )

King ' s Prize

B+ + Anti-Personnel 10
Bargain hefty damages to all adversaries.
Overcharge Result

Reduction NP Stamina for all opponents (1 turn). Decline Vital Stamina for all opponents(1 turn ). Reduction Debuff Resist for all adversaries(1 turn).

Charge100 %200%300%400%500%

Diverse Details

ID Price Sex Development Inst. Fatality Possibility Damages Circulation Quick Damages Circulation Arts Damages Circulation Buster Damages Circulation Bonus Damages Circulation NP
Reverse S

Strike/ HP Development

✔ Intermission 1Chapter Conclusion: London

Rising: 3

Bond: 5

✖ Ranking Up 1(ETA: 2/2023) Phase Conclusion: Fuyuki

Rising: 4

Bond: 0


Ability 2

[. [/table>

Overall Products Required

Rising Ability Append Ability Asc +Ability Overall

Outfit Products

April Fool ' s 0
Indication of The Principle

When furnished on Child Gilgamesh, Rises event"s NP Gain by 15 %while he gets on the area.



"We made fairly a mess. I"ll leave the tidy up to you."

Child Gilgamesh, Ko-Gil, the mild-mannered as well as mannerly youngster variation of the proud Gilgamesh, is an estimation to his grown-up self gameplay-wise, albeit at a reduced rarity. With his likewise high assault about his peers, his base high celebrity weight, effective Personal appeal aficionado, high-level Divinity , NP Intermission, and also excellent Independent Activity ranking, he flaunts much of large Gilgamesh's elements in damages, and also NP gain through his Principle

'Lil Gil's various other major toughness originates from his NP. Entrance of Babylon 's Overcharge glues all adversaries with enormous NP damages down as well as crucial price down debuffs for a solitary turn, badly restricting their prospective damages outcome for that turn. As his NP likewise decreases their debuff resistance(though just for that turn), he can also combo with various other Slaves that have effective debuffs with a reduced opportunity to strike. Ultimately, he can Charm Humanoid adversaries with a fairly high success price to aid interrupt as well as postpone them.

Nevertheless, for his energy as well as assistance, Ko-Gil loses out on the effective anti-Servant NP, celebrity generation as well as critical-related abilities of his older equivalent, hence doing not have the high damages ceiling his grown-up variation has. He additionally does not have any kind of dependable on-demand protective abilities for extracted battles, Difficulty Missions and so forth, rather having just his NP's debuffs as a method to minimize opponent damages outcome. Furthermore, his Appeal has a high cooldown, making it not likely to be made use of greater than as soon as in a fight.

On the whole, while doing not have raw damages, Child Gil is an AoE Buster Slave that still takes care of to take a semi-supporting particular niche with his high Personal appeal aficionado and also the powerful debuffs on his NP.


Excellent Teamwide Assistance

Youngster Gil not just takes care of to raise his group's damages ability easily via his above ordinary Personal appeal lover, however he likewise has actually an updated NP which can sustain his group defensively and also offensively. Entrance of Babylon at the same time causes effective debuffs which reduced the vital and also NP damages of all opponents, and also integrates well with Slaves that cause condition results of their very own because of its debuff resistance decrease. Moreover, Gateway of Babylon"s struck matters are qualified and also extremely outstanding of producing an excellent amount of Important Stars if it turns on Excessive or if Masters supply Youngster Gil with Celebrity Generation aficionados(just like EMIYA).

Over Ordinary NP Gain

In between Principle enhancing his NP generation price, his 2 Arts cards, and also his above-average Archer celebrity weight allowing crits, Ko-Gil can bill his NP fairly quickly.

Opponent Disturbance via Appeal

With a Beauty ability able to strike Humanoids, Lil 'Gil can possibly interfere with opponent NP transforms, delaying them for one turn. As an excellent variety of adversaries(specifically employers, as well as practically every Slave )have the Humanoid characteristic, Fair Young people will certainly see an excellent quantity of usage.

Weak points

Reduced Damages Ceiling

Sporting a set which does not profit from the vital particular niche the Archer course leans in the direction of does impede Child Gil's optimal possible damages. With just his Charm to count on for damages increases, his NP likewise does not struck extremely hard in contrast to a few of his AoE peers in spite of having an Intermission.

Reduced Protective Capacity

Along with his Beauty getting on a lengthy cooldown, Ko-Gil has a reduced HP swimming pool along with no on-demand protective capacities. Hence, he requires the aid of various other Slaves to secure himself in long, drawn-out battles, so he can preferably terminate his NP off numerous times. Typically, also the large NP damages decrease of his NP isn't adequate for survival versus opponent NPs without added resources of NP damages below Servants such as Nightingale.

Degree Up Ability Suggestion

Charm A +

Boost ATK for all allies (3 turns).

Program Details

Our young Gilgamesh mostly matches a much more helpful function with him intending to rub his colleagues and also boost their damages outcome. Hence, his abilities need to preferably be leveled based upon the effect they give up this fashion. Leaving his abilities at 6 is usually adequate, yet those that like his package can eject even more efficiency by maxing out Charm particularly.

As a result of Charm offering the greatest prompt influence in regards to group assistance through its boosted damages outcome, this ability must be maxed initially. Along with rubbing his group's assaults, it additionally offers a recognizable increase to his or else reduced NP damages.

Regretfully, while the Beauty versus Humanoid opponents does have its energy, the lengthy cooldown on Fair Young people also at max makes it tough to utilize this ability numerous times throughout a fight. Furthermore, also when maxed out, the Beauty success price stays an irregular 75 %. This ability can be left for last.

Child Gil wishes to have the ability to terminate off his NP with its several helpful impacts as quickly as he can, as frequently as he can. Nonetheless, making complete use the debuffs might need a Master to hang on to his NP for some time to obtain the appropriate timing. Still, as Principle does not provide one of the most prompt influence in regards to group assistance or damages, the capacity to get NP quicker will certainly aid him greatly however. Degree this 2nd.

Craft Significance Referral

Child Gil is best utilized for either supplying a crossbreed of assistance and also AoE damages to the group, or equally as an AoE Archer for brand-new Masters. For Masters wanting to enhance his general damages, concentrate on either enhancing his NP damages through Buster Efficiency / NP Damages as they pile well with his Charm. Conversely, think about increasing his essential particular niche by means of Essential Damages For farming objectives, because of his AoE NP, Masters needs to absolutely choose Beginning NP Scale CEs rather.

Divine Evening Dinner/ First Daybreak/ Partake with the King : A solid choice for getting rid of waves. Lil' Gil can bill the remainder of his NP scale quite rapidly with Principle. In return, he obtains a larger damages increase than one would certainly receive from Kaleidoscope or Imaginary Component.

Victor of the Moon/ Joint Recital : The major Important damages alternatives. While this alternative calls for lots of celebrity generation assistance for Ko-Gil, the returns in damages outcome can be worth the financial investment in the future. If demand be, they additionally have Buster improves as well to enhance his NP damages.

Limited/Zero Over/ Green Audio of Damage : Grants a much-appreciated Buster increase to Ko-Gil, enabling him to bring upon additional damages with his NPBB chains while not losing excessive on possible beginning NP scale CE's.

Kaleidoscope/ Imaginary Aspect : For scenarios where Ko-Gil demands to instantly utilize his NP to utilize his NP's decreasing of debuff resistance. Additionally if demand be, for farming waves.