Diffused Ion Implantation Account Calculator as well as Chart em-- OUTCOMES PRESENTLY BEING CONFIRMED-- em For implantation right into silicon substratum h2 h2 Guidelines: This calculator takes worths for approximately 6 various implants and also shows the focus accounts on the chart listed below. The amount of the implants is additionally revealed. The implants might be revealed with or without the results of diffusion. To determine a collection of implants without diffusion leave the diffusion time as absolutely no. A deepness in the substratum might be defined in the "Substratum Deepness (x)" box which will certainly then be made use of to determine the focus of the amount of the implants at "x". The CSV switch will certainly open up an additional home window or tab as well as show the information revealed on the chart in CSV style. This information might be conserved as well as imported right into the majority of information evaluation programs. Caution: Javascript is extremely slow-moving in Microsoft Web Traveler, so the computation will certainly take a long period of time if there is greater than one dental implant. All various other internet browsers ought to complete the computation virtually instantly.Number of Implants: 1 2 3 4 5 6 table tr Dopant: b Arsenic Boron Phosphorus td Diffusion Temperature level: Diffusion Time: mins td Implant 1 Ion Power: (0-400) tr Ion Dosage: td tr td b Implant 2 tr Ion Power: b td (0-200) tr td Ion Dosage: cm2 tr Implant 3 tr Ion Power: b keV (0-200) td tr Ion Dosage: b cm2 tr table tr Implant 4 Ion Power: b td (0-200) td tr Ion Dosage: td cm2 tr Implant 5 tr Ion Power: keV (0-200) td Ion Dosage: td table b Implant 6 b Ion Power: td (0-200) tr Ion Dosage: b td tr table tr Substratum Deepness (x): b tr Ion Focus at x: b cm3 table Go here for a listing of Ion Implantation Houses. b Diffusion constants were drawn from the "Quick Referral Guidebook for Silicon Integrated Circuit Modern Technology" , by W. E. Beadle, J. C. C. Tsai, and also R. D. Plummer.Polynomial coefficients for variety and also straggle computation, and also diffused dental implant profile formula extracted from "Evaluation as well as Simulation of Semiconductor Gadgets" em, pp. (48-51, 72), Seigfried Selberherr, 1984. br