You might be asking yourself to repair your "gummy smile" since your teeth are as well brief. Sometimes the teeth are the correct size, they are simply covered by excessive periodontal cells. This problem is called "transformed passive eruption." To make the smile look much better, excess periodontal cells is gotten rid of (oftentimes with a laser) to reveal all the stunning enamel nature offered you. The adhering to images will certainly reveal instances of this kind of therapy.


Prior to images get on the left, after images get on the right. Both females did not like their "gummy grins." The excess periodontal cells was eliminated which brought an extra all-natural equilibrium to their smiles.


This individual had teeth which were both also brief as well as blemished. A mix of aesthetic crown extending adhered to by teeth significantly improved his smile.


These images promote themselves. This client was delighted with her brand-new smile after getting rid of the excess periodontal cells.


This individual had wonderful looking teeth however excessive periodontal cells as well as some crookedness. Merely getting rid of the excess periodontal cells made a big distinction.

Some individuals have a gummy smile due to the fact that they have actually used their all-natural teeth below grinding. This following instance is an instance of brief teeth from too much wear.


This individual"s teeth are so brief from years of grinding (additionally called bruxism) as well as not securing his teeth by putting on an evening guard. Complying with crown extending porcelain reconstructions were positioned. He can"t quit grinning!!

Just How Dr. Scharf Repairs Gummy Smiles

When you grin, do you discover that your top teeth are outweighed by the too much periodontal cells in your mouth? You might have what is referred to as a gummy smile if you do. A gummy smile with way too much periodontals isn't a dental health and wellness issue, yet several clients discover them to be visually unpleasant and also repent of the appearance. The worry can go the various other means as well-- gum tissue economic downturn can cause excessive of your teeth being revealed which can be a dental wellness concern. Nonetheless, gummy smiles are feasible to repair! Dr. David R. Scharf as well as his oral group deal many therapy choices to fix the gummy smile trouble for our clients.

What Triggers Gummy Smiles?

A gummy smile can have countless reasons behind it. From having a tooth appear to the growth as well as development of your top jaw bone, there are several unforeseeable aspects that can lead to your smile being gummy. Right here are several of the root causes of gummy smile:

Uncommon teeth eruption: when your teeth emerge in your gum tissues incorrectly, it can cause most of the tooth being covered by a too much quantity of periodontal cells. This leads to your teeth looking brief despite the fact that they're likely a correct length.Hyperactive top lip muscular tissue: even more of your periodontal cells can be subjected when you grin as an outcome of a hyper top lip muscular tissue considering that your top lip will certainly increase greater than normal.Upper jaw bone development and also growth: if your jaw bone established a specific method when you were still expanding as well as growth, such as a protruding projection in your top jaw, that would certainly lead to a gummy look to your smile.

What Therapy Alternatives are Readily Available for Gummy Smiles?

If you presume that you have a gummy smile and also you wish to look for therapy alternatives, please come check out Dr. David Scharf so he can analyze your smile as well as suggest ideal therapy alternatives. Throughout the evaluation procedure, Dr. David Scharf will certainly have a look at your mouth, your gum tissues, and also your teeth to establish the feasible root causes of your gummy smile together with various other dental wellness worries like gum tissue illness. This exam might be a basic traditional appearance or it might entail a lot more substantial approaches like electronic impacts of your teeth as well as gum tissues. An x-ray photo can likewise aid analyze your jaw bone and also tooth origins.

Below are several of the therapy alternatives readily available to deal with gummy smiles, together with a summary of what the therapy is:

Laser gum tissue therapy

With using a laser, infected cells can be gotten rid of while healthy and balanced cells is left unblemished. This is made use of for gum tissue condition therapy which can be a reason behind a gummy smile. The laser will certainly make it to ensure that your gum tissue line is eventually at a degree appropriate for you.

Maxillofacial surgical treatment

In many cases, a person's jaw bone requires to rearranged in order to address the concern of a gummy smile.

Orthodontic therapy

Aligners and also dental braces can assist rearrange your teeth right into a preferable setting which can fix some gummy grins.

These are simply a few of the alternatives available to take care of gummy smiles. There are various other techniques around; non-surgical and also medical. You'll require to go over with Dr. David Scharf what therapy approach finest matches your one-of-a-kind circumstance.

Make a Consultation

Dr. David Scharf and also his group of oral specialists is right here to assist repair your gummy smile. We desire you to be able to grin happily once again as well as enjoy with it, so we are offered to reorient the periodontal cells up until your teeths radiate through once more. Need to you want to understand our workplace hrs, make a consultation with us, or discover more concerning exactly how we can assist you with your gummy smile, we are readily available to assist! Dr. David Scharf has actually committed himself to offering the most effective oral treatment feasible to individuals of Long Island!