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Quantity: in: cubic centimetercubic inchImperial gallonlitermetric cupmetric dessertspoonmetric tablespoonmetric teaspoonmilliliterUS cupUS dessertspoonUS liquid ounceUS gallonUS pintUS quartUS tablespoonUS teaspoonsee a lot more unitsFood group: brandedamerican and also genericgeneric Indian/Alaska Indigenous Foods, genericBaby Foods, genericBaked Products, genericBeverages, genericBreakfast Cereals, genericCereal Grains as well as Pasta, genericDairy as well as Egg Products, genericFast Foods, oils as well as genericfats, genericFinfish as well as Shellfish Products, genericFruits and also Fruit Juices, genericLegumes and also Vegetable Products, genericMeals, Meals, and also Side Cuisines, genericNut and also Seed Products, genericPork Products, genericPoultry Products, genericRestaurant Foods, genericSausages and also Lunch meat, genericSnacks, genericSoups, Sauces, as well as Gravies, genericSpices and also Natural herbs, genericSweets, genericVegetables as well as Veggie Products, genericuncategorized, genericbranded reveal all systems Weight, i.e. the number of oz, pounds, g or kg in 1 United States mug of Shallots, raw (sliced) h3 gram 160 td solid ounce td 5.64 solid td kg td 0.16 td extra pound 0.35 td tr milligram td 160000 td tr reveal all devices h3 Quantity h3 centimeter³ & sup3; td 236.59 United States mug td 1 solid td Imperial gallon td 0.05 td United States dessertspoon 32 inch & sup3; td 14.44 td United States liquid ounce td 8 td tr litre td 0.24 td United States gallon td 0.06 tr statistics mug td 0.95 td United States pint td 0.5 tr statistics dessertspoon 23.66 United States quart 0.25 statistics tbsp td 15.77 United States tbsp td 16 statistics tsp td 47.32 td United States tsp 48 milliliter 236.59 td tr See the amount of nutrients in 160 g( 5.6 oz)of Shallots, raw(cut ) Nutrient(locate foodsrich in nutrients )UnitValue/ 160 g tr Proximates td tr Water td g td 127.68 tr Power kcal td 115 td tr Healthy protein td g td 4 td tr Complete lipid(fat) td g 0.16 td Ash g 1.28 td Carb, by distinction g td 26.88 tr td Fiber, complete nutritional g 5.12 td Sugars, complete consisting of NLEA td g 12.59 solid Minerals solid td Calcium, Ca td mg 59.2 td tr Iron, Fe mg 1.92 td Magnesium, Mg td mg 33.6 td tr td Phosphorus, P td mg td 96 td tr Potassium, K td mg td 534.4 td Salt, Na td mg td 19.2 td tr Zinc, Zn td mg td 0.64 tr Copper, Cu mg td 0.141 td tr Manganese, Mn td mg td 0.467 tr Selenium, Se td & mu; g 1.9 tr solid Vitamins td tr Vitamin C, overall ascorbic acid td mg 12.8 tr td Thiamin mg 0.096 td Riboflavin td mg td 0.032 Niacin td mg td 0.32 td Pantothenic acid td mg 0.464 td Vitamin B-6 td mg 0.552 td Folate, complete & mu; g td 54.4 Folate, food td & mu; g 54.4 td Folate, DFE & mu; g td 54.4 td tr Choline, complete td mg td 18.1 td tr Carotene, beta td & mu; g td 4.8 td Vitamin A, IU td IU 6 td Lutein + zeaxanthin & mu; g td 12.8 tr Vitamin E(alpha-tocopherol) td mg td 0.06 tr Vitamin K (phylloquinone) td & mu; g 1.3 tr td Lipids solid td Fats, complete saturated g td 0.027 tr td 16:0 td g td 0.024 td tr 18:0 td g 0.002 td tr Fats, complete monounsaturated td g td 0.022 tr 18:1 uniform g td 0.022 td tr Fats, complete polyunsaturated td g 0.062 td 18:2 uniform td g td 0.059 td tr 18:3 uniform td g 0.003 tr Phytosterols td mg td 8 td tr solid Amino Acids solid td Tryptophan g 0.045 tr td Threonine g td 0.157 tr td Isoleucine td g 0.17 td Leucine td g td 0.238 td tr Lysine td g td 0.2 td Methionine td g td 0.043 td tr Phenylalanine td g 0.13 tr Tyrosine td g 0.115 td tr td Valine g 0.176 td Arginine td g td 0.29 tr td Histidine td g td 0.069 td tr td Alanine td g td 0.181 tr Aspartic acid g 0.37 tr td Glutamic acid td g td 0.827 Glycine td g 0.198 td Proline td g td 0.264 td tr td Serine g 0.181 td See the number of calories in 160 g(5.6 oz)of Shallots, raw (cut) From solid td solid kilocalories (kcal) solid kilojoule (kJ) td tr Carb td 103.22 td 431.87 Fat 1.34 td 5.6 td tr Healthy protein td 11.12 td 46.53 td tr Various other td 0 td 0 tr td Overall solid td 115.68 484 td table br Concerning solid em Shallots, raw(cut) 1 statistics mug of Shallots, raw(sliced)considers 169 grams 1 United States mug of Shallots, raw (cut) evaluates 5.6 ounces solid Food group: Veggies as well as Veggie ProductsA food with a name consisting of, like or comparable to Shallots, raw(sliced ): solid Concerning this web page: & thinsp; Weight of Shallots, raw(cut) Referral (ID: 15552) br Foods, Nutrients and also Calories WARM SELECT, POTATO CHIPS, CHEDDAR as well as SOUR LOTION, UPC: 717544130512 em have (s) 536 calories per 100 grams (& asymp; 3.53 ounces) rate p 4977 foods which contain em Serine em & thinsp; Checklist of these foods beginning with the highest possible components of Serine as well as the most affordable materials of Serine p Crushed rocks, oils as well as compounds CaribSea, Marine, Aragonite, Bermuda Pink considers 1281.5 kg/m & sup3; (80.00143 lb/ft & sup3;-RRB- with details gravity of 1.2815 about distilled water. 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