p OKAY solid It's a word that you possibly make use of fairly on a regular basis as an English audio speaker (otherwise regularly). Am I right? b So exactly how do you state ok in French? b What's ok in French? I suggest it's a really beneficial little word isn't it? Exists a choice in the French language? b Oui. p Well, it depends upon the circumstance. Due to the fact that okay in fact has a number of definitions. Or a minimum of, it is claimed in a lot of various circumstances where words does not share the exact same concept. So I have actually created this checklist of 10 methods to state OK in French: informal, official, vernacular, amusing,… … p Allow's gooooooo. br div design=" text-align: facility" div imager_3_5553_700.jpg" alt=" *" THE FRENCH CLUB LETTERS h2 My regular e-newsletter in French for French students Email br Approval I approve to obtain e-mails from Simply French It br Sign up with the Club h3 Why your French enunciation draws h3 ALL-NATURAL FRENCH ENUNCIATION: the full training course And also it's an important point, because, also if you have a best grammar or the most effective vocabulary in the p The very best French book