Considering that our young kid began creeping recently, I can not count the amount of times I have actually needed to call out the expression Vieni qui! ( Come below! , specifically when I see him cheekily inching his means in the direction of the stairs!

Vieni qui!

Come right here!


Vieni , along with being the second-person single existing of venire ( ahead , is the second-person particular crucial, which is the type we see in this expression.

Qui is among 2 means of equating the adverb right here in Italian, with the various other being qua (Figure out the distinction in between qui and also qua in our committed post!)

You can include the word for [you desire to be much more courteous [em> please , which is per favore , at the start or end.

Vieni qui per favore. Ho qualcosa da dirti.

Come right here please. I have something to inform you.

One more means of being courteous is to make use of the third-person official type venga qui You would certainly utilize this type to lionize or politeness towards, as an example, a consumer in your store or a senior you do not recognize effectively.

Ultimately, we have the second-person plural type venite qui which is implied for usage in the direction of teams of 2 or even more individuals.

Vieni qui, amore! -- Come below, love!

Whereas in English, the feedback to this command would usually be I'm coming! or I get on my means! , you 'd normally utilize among the complying with in Italian:

Arrivo! (lit: I get here!) Sto arrivando! (lit: I am showing up!) Ora/ adesso vengo! = (lit: Currently I come!) Vengo subito! = (lit: I come immediately!)

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