Kind "black" right into the Translate box, click the Translate switch. Then, click the little audio speaker close to the Spanish word for black, and also you can in fact listen to the enunciation. Best of luck.Hey! Amigos! Could we be missing out on something below? She claims she is proficient in English however believes the plural of kitty and also pup are kitten"s (sic) and also pup"s (sic).

Precious Ms. Brezy:

Are you claiming you desire a solution aside from "" as the translation for "black"? In Spanish it is noticable in a different way than in English (even more like "nay-grow") and also is appropriate. To claim "black" in Spanish is "".

As well as it is not negative in any kind of means, kind or form. It is rather most likely where the whiteman obtained the term for those of the darker skin, however is not describing it.If you can inform us what concerning the translation doesn"t help you, I wager we will certainly amaze you with info past your wildest dreams!Sincerely ... P.S.

take into consideration changing

your account: it"s"pups and also kittycats". upgraded MAY 23, 2010 modified by
LateToDinner uploaded by LateToDinner
2 ballots Simply to state
just how much easier this would certainly have gotten on you to look it up in the thesaurus on right here as opposed to publish an inquiry:" Ask a brand-new concern"=1 computer mouse click Inputting: "Exactly how do I state black in spansh? "= 29 continue the key-board Inputting:"I wish to know."=15 presses

on the key-board Sending your concern=1 computer mouse click...

If you looked it up in the convert box, like I discussed, it would certainly have been 5 key-board presses and also one computer mouse click, in contrast to 45 key-board presses and also 2 computer mouse clicks and also if you did it on your own, your outcome would certainly have promptly appeared.updated MAY 26, 2010 uploaded by Luciente Perfect!--- Mariana--, MAY 23, 2010 and also it would certainly have taken you a whole lot much less keying,
as well as time if you would certainly
have actually just merely addressed the concern
! why waste your time?-jrk852003, MAY 23, 2010 It & #x 27; s less complicated to show a person just how to do something as soon as than do it for them each and every single time in the future.:-RRB--Luciente, MAY 26, 2010 2 ballots You might claim please, can someone inform me just how to state black in Spanish. You appear really requiring, I"m not exactly sure that I"d inform you your residence gets on fire, don't bother just how to state black.updated MAY 23, 2010 uploaded by albert-fabrik-Worthless Albert -yet it calls a bell. -geofc, MAY 22, 2010 No requirement to be impolite back. -Luciente, MAY 23, 2010 1

ballot I put on "t like the Translate box I "m sorry that you put on"t like the translation box, yet it" s a really helpful thesaurus and also you"ll definitely need to obtain made use of to making use of one if you prepare to

research Spanish.Many times the participants of the

SpanisDict neighborhood will certainly behave sufficient on the discussion forum to convert a straightforward word for you, however lot of times we will merely send you to the thesaurus since that" s the very best method to learn.Good good luck with your Spanish upgraded MAY 23, 2010 uploaded by-- Mariana-- 0 ballots Oh I ment I wear "t like the Translate box upgraded

MAY 23, 2010 uploaded by Brezy09 The


"equate" box is a thesaurus and also it would certainly have taken 5 key-board clicks

and also a computer mouse switch click to obtain the solution on your own.-Luciente, MAY 23, 2010 indicated -not ment-ian-hill, MAY 23, 2010 0 ballots I assumed that hearing the enunciation was an incredibly simple method to respond to "exactly how do I state" yet clearly that was incorrect. upgraded MAY 22, 2010 published by Jack-OBrien No, no, no! Jack, you might have been right on! I


simply believed she might be from someplace that discredit the English word(not always Spanish ) and also has actually been instructed to prevent it.- LateToDinner, MAY 22, 2010 0 ballots I wear "t like that I did it as well as it did not job upgraded MAY 22

, 2010
uploaded by Brezy09
What do you indicate "it did not function"? At the extremely leading of this web page, there is a box that claims "Go into an English or spanish word". Kind your word therein as well as click the Translate switch. I simply did it, it functions. - Jack-OBrien, MAY 22, 2010
Noticeable giant is noticeable. - Gravemarker, MAY 22, 2010