Interested to recognize if anyone has actually experienced it, or if it'& #x 27; s reproducible by somebody else. This is a lot of damages in the map area west of the area which contains the Holy place of Sekhmet in Yamu.I was there for among Reda'& #x 27; s dailies. There was all this weird stage whisper as I ran around the outdoors, like what you utilized to listen to in a/c rogue when stalkers neighbored. Bayek additionally claimed something yet I couldn'& #x 27; t make it out. Any individual?


Maybe desert hallucinations, if you see flying headscarf in the wind that headscarf is directing you to the closest settlement.Tough, there was scary

lady ghost appears near the pyramids that were various from the others. I & #x 27; m still exploring that one.Dont & #x 27; t you attempt inform me what it

is i heard this on west side of center pyrimad resembled wtf

as well as i reversed as well as saw a burning shrub. seriously. When i listened to the murmurs, it could be a problem however it happend right. i attempted going to it yet it disappeared.When I was getting rid of that location out I saw somebody in white standing simply off of the damages, around where simply one guard was. After looking at him for regarding 5 secs he simply vanished ... Considering that we get on the topic, while in Giza on my means to the Hyena, Bayek started stumbling spheres. It began

with a purple blossom in the sand. As it vanished, the burning shrub showed up distant, so i approached it and also it likewise went away. Not 10 secs later on, one more blossom, adhered to by a number of capturing beginnings. I determined to ride in the instructions the celebrities were going as well as was welcomed by a tornado of bugs drizzling from a black cloud. Hereafter i lingered to see what else would certainly come however absolutely nothing did, so i started riding towards the goal once again. As i did, a guy in white on horseback passed right before me, simply showed up out of no place. I followed him for some time, hearing water noises during. As i was following him, Bayek's child attracted a photo as well as showed up of Bayek's household in the sand. I proceeded adhering to the male at a range so he would not go away. After around 500m of following him, something dropped from the skies. I mosted likely to look, and also it was a fish, as i sought out from the fish the male had actually disappeared. I approached the instructions i saw him entering before his loss, as well as the headscarf he carried him was drifting towards Hathor of Mekfat. It was strange exactly how all these mirages directed me towards below. As i arrived and also continued to eliminate the guards, I was mosting likely to enter into the below ground location, however i had actually currently obtained the loot below so there was no factor. As i relied on leave, i saw the last guard i didnt kill. As i snuck up on him and also eliminated him, I listened to a fight. Male shouting and also swords clashing, as well as a lion roaring, the battling and also yelling stopped, however the roaring took place a while much longer. Perhaps its simply coincidence, however unusual that it was this area specifically.