Black We obtain the incorporating kind melano from the Greek acceptation dark or black

sorrowful : a bleak psychological state; according to old physiology, a wit called "black bile" was produced by the kidneys as well as the spleen, and also was believed to create melancholia.

cancer malignancy : a skin lump having a dark pigment.

melanin : any kind of dark brownish or black pigments of pet or plant frameworks, for instance, hair, or the surface area of a raw potato when subjected to air.

White The component leuk in specific clinical terms is from the Greek word for white

leukemia : a persistent illness identified by an uncommon rise in the variety of leukocyte.

leukocyte : a leukocyte.

Red The Greek word for red offers us the incorporating type erythro , which is utilized in the specialized terms of mineralogy, medication, as well as chemistry.

erythrophyll : the red coloring issue of fallen leaves in fall.

erythroretin : a resinous component of rhubarb origin.

erythroscope : an optical gear, whereby the environment-friendly of vegetation is created to show up red, while all various other eco-friendly items maintain their all-natural shade.

erythrocyte : a red blood corpuscle.

Blue Cyan is the Greek word for dark blue, however what musicians call "cyan blue" is a shade midway in between blue as well as environment-friendly.

cyanide : an exceptionally toxic crystalline strong. Due to the fact that it was initial gotten by warming the color pigment recognized as Prussian blue, it obtained its name.

cyanin : heaven coloring issue of specific blossoms (e.g., cornflowers and also violets).

cyanosis : blueness of the skin because of the flow of miserably oxygenated blood.

Environment-friendly The Greek word where we obtain the incorporating kind chlor defined a light eco-friendly.

chloroform : unpredictable fluid utilized as an anesthetic. Chloroform is anemic; it obtained its name as the outcome of integrating words chlorine and also formic , as in formic acid.

chlorophyll : the tinting issue of the fallen leaves and also various other eco-friendly components of plants.

chlorine : a yellowish-green hefty gas.

Lastly, the Greek word for shade provides us the incorporating kind chromo , which develops nouns as well as adjectives that signify tinted things, tinting procedures, and also tinting representatives:

colorful : filled with shade.

polychrome : art carried out in numerous shades.

chromium : a metal exceptional for the fantastic shades-- red, yellow, or eco-friendly-- of its substances.

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16 Feedbacks to "Vibrant Words from the Greek"

D.A.W.on May 11, 2014 11:42 am

"The Greek word for red provides us the incorporating type erythro"-- Erythromycin is a popular antibiotic, and also I think that it was the very first of the mycin prescription antibiotics to get to broad usage in clinical care.When my only sibling was rather young, it was discovered that she was allegic to every one of the penicillin prescription antibiotics. For this reason the physicians provided her erythromycin rather. Next off, she ended up being adverse that a person, as well. I am fortunate that I am not allegic to ANY prescription antibiotics, however my sibling the physician dislikes the majority of them!She is really mindful concerning all prescription antibiotics.

D.A.W.on May 11, 2014 11:51 am

Melanie: a name for ladies, such as Scarlet O'Hara's relative Melanie in GONE WITH THE WIND, played by Olivia de Havilland.

Salt cyanide and also potassium cyanide are solids at area temperature level, however hydrogen cyanide is a dangerous gas. Some was made use of in battle by the German Realm throughout World War, yet hydrogen cyanide is much better understood for its usage in implementations, previously, in a few of the states of the United States.Cyanide substances are additionally made use of in the filtration of gold ores as a result of the fondness of the cyan radical for gold. Every one of this needs to be made with severe treatment in metallurgy due to the fact that the results, such as hydrogen cyanide, are extremely toxic.

D.A.W.on May 11, 2014 11:54 am

Melatonin is an essential hormonal agent that is generated by the mind, pituitary gland, and also pineal gland, as well as it is essential in the sleep-wakefulness cycles of people, apes, and also various other creatures. Some individuals take tablets of melatonin in an initiative to conquer sleeping disorders as well as to readjust their cicadian rhythms.

D.A.W.on May 11, 2014 12:21 pm

Chlorine is not simply a yellowish-green hefty gas. It is a chemical component, component number 17 on the Table of elements since each of the chlorine cores consists of 17 protons.See: The relevance of the chemical components can not be undervalued, particularly considering that there is a tiny, limited variety of them. (For instance, uranium is component 92 and also plutonium is component 94. As the atomic numbers boost yet, the aspects come to be extremely contaminated and also extremely unsteady.)

The Greek prefix "klor" really indicates "light eco-friendly". Please see the Wikipedia write-up over for its punctuation in Greek letters.

The shade of aeriform chlorine does NOT continue to its chemical substances, such as salt chloride, potassium chloride, calcium chloride, which are anemic, as well as its substances in natural chemistry. These substances are important in all kinds of life, from humans to microorganisms — — despite the fact that aeriform chloride is extremely poisionous.

In a significant episode of celebrity TRIP, "Guy Catch", there is an alien being that "draws" every one of the salts out of individuals, hence eliminating them instantly. The alien has a wish for salt for its very own existance. A "salt" is almost any kind of chemical substance with "chloride" in its name, such as salt chloride, magnesium chloride, and also ferrous chloride.

D.A.W.on May 11, 2014 12:43 pm

CHROMINANCE: Analog shade television is still utilized in numerous components of the globe, consisting of a lot of Africa, Asia, Central America, South America, and also the island nations and also areas of the globe. It is possibly still in operation in north Canada, also, in the location of sporadic populaces.

In analog shade television, besides the audio signal, there are 2 video clip signals called the luminosity signal as well as the chrominance signal, divided in regularity. The luminosity signal communicates the illumination or darkness of the dots on the display. White as well as black television set utilize this signal as well as disregard the chrominance signal. The chrominance signal lugs the shade details for every dot. A shade television set makes use of both the luminosity signal and also the chrominance signal to create the shade photo.

When it comes to a white as well as black program, the chrominance signal is absolutely no, as well as a shade television set provides a black and also white photo. Often, the chrominance signal is simply called the "chroma" signal.

D.A.W.on May 11, 2014 1:03 pm

A Greek word for vivid entered English as "iris", as well as words "iris" was offered to a family members of plants that generate blossoms in a variety of shades.

Likewise from "iris". There is a chemical aspect, a steel, that was offered the name "iridium" as a result of the wide array of shades that its substances have while in solutions.Iridium belongs to the family members of chemical aspects that are useful, thick, and also remarkably, inert to a variety of components. The various other 5 aspects are platinum, palladium, rhodium, ruthenium, as well as osmium, and also these are called the "platinum team" of aspects, given that platinum was the initial of these to be discovered.The platinum team is a part of the "nobel steels". See

Every one of these steels are really immune to assault by acids, as well as a few of them also stand up to aqua regia (a mix of nitric acid as well as hydrochloric acid). Tantalum and also niobium are additionally really immune to acids, however, for some factor they are not consisted of.

Alloys of iridium and also osmium are really thick, they have extremely high melting factors, as well as they are extremely immune to chemical assault.

D.A.W.on May 11, 2014 1:07 pm

"single"="one shade""bichromatic"="2 shades""polychromatic"="lots of shades"Worldwide of digital photography, movies, as well as television, "single" is an additional word for "white and also black"

venqaxon May 11, 2014 10:47 pm

The Greek prefix "klor" really suggests "light eco-friendly".

The write-up stated, "The Greek word where we obtain the integrating kind chlor defined a light environment-friendly."

The shade of aeriform chlorine does NOT continue to its chemical substances… …

The post claimed," Chloroform is anemic …"

The significance of the chemical aspects can not be taken too lightly …

Their value can not be Overstated. It should not be taken too lightly.

D.A.W.on May 12, 2014 1:08 pm

Venqax, you go to it once again-- stupidity:

"The significance of the chemical aspects can not be ignored ...""Their relevance can not be Overstated. It should not be undervalued."

In several contexts, the expression "can not be" implies" ought to not be"."Undoubtedly, you can not be thinking about running nude throughout the tennis courts of Wimbledon.""Certainly, you can not be making disrespectful comments regarding John F. Kennedy," yet as we have actually seen, Venqax has actually currently done that."You can not be considering consuming angle worms from morning meal!"Well, possibly you are, yet you need to refrain from doing that.D.A.W.

D.A.W.on May 12, 2014 1:15 pm

Some chemical components will certainly pass on a shade in some substances, however not in others.Also, there are components-- such as iridium-- that will certainly provide one shade in one substance, yet a various shade in various other compounds.The indicate be made right here is that chlorine does not pass on an eco-friendly, light environment-friendly, or yellow-colored eco-friendly to any one of its compounds.Take, as an example, hydrochloric acid, which is the substance HCl liquified in water. That acid is colorless.The description includes quantum technicians, I know.D.A.W.

D.A.W.on May 12, 2014 1:18 pm

Modification: angle worms for morning meal.

I when reviewed a tale regarding a young boy that desired angle worms with lotion sauce for morning meal, so eventually when he was ill in bed, his bro and also sis collected some angle worms, as well as his mommy prepared him some angle worms with lotion sauce.

His response to that: YUCK-- YUCK-- YUCK! D.A.W.

D.A.W.on May 12, 2014 1:29 pm

Sir Humphrey Davy called chlorine from Old Greek: χλωρóς = khlôros="light eco-friendly". In going from old Greek to various other languages, the "k" is a needed action since a matching of "c" does not exist in Greek.Of program, English audio speakers as well as German audio speakers revealed "khl" as "chl" since we do not such as the "kh" mix. There are comparable words in German, such as "Chemie"="chemistry". D.A.W.

venqaxon May 12, 2014 6:55 pm

DAW: Simply confess you made the really usual blunder of claiming underestimate when you implied overestimate. "Can not be overstated" is a typical expression significance something is extremely vital. Individuals commonly mess it up as well as claim "can not be undervalued" when that is what they indicate…… Immaterial.

In several contexts, the expression "can not be" indicates "must not be".

Dale A. Woodon May 14, 2014 10:08 pm

Venqax: you do not recognize that words "ignored" consists of taking too lightly completely to no. To put it simply, that suggests that will absolutely overlook something that is actually essential.

You can not and also must refrain from doing that with something as crucial as the chemical aspects.

Once more, ignoring something consists of disregarding it completely.I am sorry that you have actually never ever found out to factor points completely to their mathematical as well as clinical extremes."That can not be undervalued" is a completely affordable declaration in English, and also it is NOT a person's mistake.D.A.W.

Andy Knoedleron May 31, 2014 1:10 am

Capturing up on inbox things I review this access today.

I discovered it strange that the 5 Greek shades that you pointed out are all various in contemporary Greek than they remained in old times.

Nowadays these shades are as complies with:

black = mavrowhite = asprored = kokkinoblue = blegreen = prasino

When I stayed in Greece I frequently assumed that the language had actually been thinned down by ignoring the old terms as well as importing shade words from various other languages.

Take these shades, as an example, blue = ble (i.e., bleu)brownish = kafe (i.e., coffee)pink = roz (i.e., climbed)orange = portokali (i.e., Portuguese)purple = mov (i.e., mauve)yellow = kitrino (i.e., citron, citrus)

Yet this is the manner in which languages progress, isn't it?

Mariam Alion July 05, 2014 7:29 pm

In relation to Andy Knoedler's remark, "bortoqali" (or "bortoqani") is words for "orange" in Arabic also. Extremely fascinating!