Hammer Autumn is a Favour (Side Mission) for the spirit in Rock Falls Area in God of Battle 2018. This walkthrough will certainly assist you via all purposes of the Hammer Autumn Favour.

Pursuit Provider: Spirit in Rock Falls RegionRequirement: Should have finished The Light of Alfheim approximately when you go back to Midgard.Reward: Týr's Lost Gauntlets Dish, Týr's Offering and also 1880 XPAvailability: After returning from tale mission in Alfheim World (the favour is still readily available after the tale)

This mission will certainly have you knock down a sculpture of Thor.

Beginning Area

Head to Rock Falls on the Eastern side of the map. Below is the place of the dock:


The pursuit provider, a ghost, is discovered on top of the Rock Falls.

If you're doing this at the initial possibility after returning from Alfheim (moderate water degree): dock your watercraft at the Rock Falls, head northeast via the open entrance and also obtain the Cursed Tatzelwurm and also toxin Revenant. Once they are sent off seek to the open up to the south to see the bridge put on hold upwards. Toss your axe at the chains holding the bridge as much as drop it. Head back with eviction and also dive over the recently gone down bridge as well as speak with the spirit right in advance of you.

If you have actually currently finished the tale (low tide degree): the watercraft dock will certainly have transformed sligthly after the tale. You'll need to dock at the foot of the Rock Falls and also climb to locate the spirit ahead, by the huge wheel that opens up eviction to Veithurgard.

As soon as you have actually been provided the mission make certain to track it via the Goals tab of your food selection.

Damage the statuary of Thor

Make use of the wheel beside the spirit to open the huge flooding gateways and also go back to your watercraft. Traveling with Veithugard Pass as well as dock on the coastline. Continue ahead as well as get the little crowd as well as head with the little crawlspace in advance and also right into the open location with the wolves, take them out. Head southern under the dropped column and also down the course. When you get to the coastline make use of the watercraft to cruise in the water right into Veithurgard. Head to the pen in the North and also dock your watercraft on the coastline at the foot of the Thor statuary. Straight in advance under the statuary will certainly be an adversary you will certainly wish to beat promptly prior to his buddy signs up with the battle. Get both adversaries as well as head to the front side of the Thor Sculpture. Below you will certainly require to toss your axe at essential components of the statuary to knock it down. Below are the bottom lines:



Go back to the Adherent of Thor

After securing the statuary make your back to the Rock Falls. When back on the island, consult with the spirit to finish this favour.

As well as this finishes the Hammer Loss mission in God of Battle.

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