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×MOLSDFPDBSMILESInChI & times; Framework for magyaroldalak.net0002036 (Chlorate)


Close Basic synonyms ValueSource CHLoric acidGenerator(-)magyaroldalak.netCHLORATE ionmagyaroldalak.netClO3(-)magyaroldalak.netCHLORic acid Ionmagyaroldalak.netCHLatemagyaroldalak.netCHLic acidmagyaroldalak.netCHLate Ionmagyaroldalak.netCHLic acid Ionmagyaroldalak.netChlorine oxidemagyaroldalak.netChemical SolutionClH3O3Ordinary Molecular Weight86.47Monoisotopic Molecular Weight85.9759745IUPAC CalltrihydroxychloranediiumConventional CalltrihydroxychloranediiumCAS Pc Registry Number14866-68-3SMILES
InChI Identifier
InChI=1S/ClH3O3/c2 -1( 3 )4/h2 -4 H/q +2
InChI TrickUFWVEDMWKRGJKF-UHFFFAOYSA-NChemical TaxonomyCategoryNot identifiedOntologyPersonality



Organic duty:

Molecular carrier:

Regular FocusNot OfferedUnusual FocusNot Readily availableAssociated Disorders and also DiseasesIllness ReferralsNoneAssociated OMIM IDsNoneOutside HyperlinksDrugBank IDNot OfferedPhenol Traveler Substance IDNot OfferedFooDB IDFDB022811 KNApSAcK IDNot Readily availableChemspider ID94578 KEGG Substance IDC01485 BioCyc IDNot Readily availableBiGG IDNot Readily availableWikipedia Web linkChlorate METLIN IDNot Readily availablePubChem Substance104770 PDB IDNot OfferedChEBI ID49709 Food Biomarker OntologyNot Readily availableVMH IDNot OfferedMarkerDB IDNot Readily availableRecommendationsSynthesis RecommendationNot OfferedProduct Safety And Security Information Sheet (MSDS)Download And Install (PDF)General References



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